Mobile Deals: Ten Great Data Plans From Ten Different Telcos

Mobile Deals: Ten Great Data Plans From Ten Different Telcos
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It wasn’t that long ago that a $40 phone plan with 4GB of data was considered astonishingly good value for money. Nowadays, most smartphone users churn through that in a week – and plan inclusions have changed to keep pace.

If you’ve got your own phone, it’s possible to snag a massive data allowance without paying through the nose for the privilege. Here are ten BYO plans from ten different telcos that offer the best bang for buck.

The following mobile plans offer up to 30GB of data when you sign up for a 12-month contract. Prices start at just $30 per month.

We’ve included a variety of different telcos and MVNOs to ensure everyone is covered regardless of their location. Here are the Top Ten plans. (Click on our interactive table to learn more about each deal.)

The $30 Dodo plan works out to $1.50 per gigabyte – and that’s not including the unlimited phone calls and texts. You can also score 50% off the first six months and free shipping on your SIM card. That brings the total minimum spend to just $270.

We also like the look of Optus’ $35 plan which comes with 30GB data per month. (This is especially good value when you add in the data-free music streaming, Optus Sport, and the option to stream video, like Netflix, data-free for an extra $5 per month.)

As always, the Telstra plan is the priciest option on the list – but if you have limited network coverage in your area, it still offers decent bang-for-buck with 30GB data for $49.

We can’t vouch for all the MVNOs on this list as we haven’t tested them. Before taking a punt on a 12-month plan, we advise doing some online research, particularly around customer service. Good luck!

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