How To Post A 3D Photo To Facebook

How To Post A 3D Photo To Facebook
Image: Facebook

3D photos have come to Facebook! You may have seen friends or brands you follow posting photos with a scrollable 3D effect, but haven’t been able to find out why or how they work. So here’s a guide to 3D pics on Facebook, and how you can create and post your own.

Here’s the bad news straight up front: Facebook’s 3D photos currently only work with iPhones. To be specific, you’ll need an iPhone 7+, 8+, X or XS with Portrait mode to take a 3D photo Facebook will accept.

The 3D photos work with the depth maps captured by iPhone’s Portrait mode, creating an image that can be scrolled around in 3D. While there are plenty of other phones boasting similar technology, it’s likely Facebook has only integrated iPhone’s 3D photo formatting at this point.

If you do have an iPhone, here’s what you need to do to post that 3D photo to Facebook:

Create a new post on Facebook, then tap the three dots in the top right corner to see all options. Tap ‘3D Photo’ to bring up a gallery of all your compatible images, then select one to preview how it looks in 3D. Then all you have to do is compose your post as usual and share it to your feed.

If you don’t have the 3D Photo option on your iOS Facebook app, try updating the app and see if it pops up. If it still doesn’t appear, don’t fret – the feature is rolling out to more users now.

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