Slide For iPhone Shoots Weird 3D-Looking Photos 

iOS: Wish you could capture some depth with your photos? Slide's an app that turn photos into short GIFs with a 3D effect. To take a photo, you align your shot then slide your phone to the right. The result is a 3D image effect that can be saved as a GIF or video. It's silly, but the effect is fun enough that it makes for neat moving photos.

Slide - 3D GIF Camera ($2.99) [iTunes App Store]


    Or you could just use Seene, and its FREE. Also uses the gyro in you phone so your phone movements translate to the image while viewing it, much more interactive.

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    Nice idea, terrible implementation and probably over-priced. Disappointingly (for a developer who makes a manual camera control based app!) It was front facing camera only, and lacked basic camera functions like spot FOCUS!!... seriously! (I couldn't get it to focus on a number of occasions) Much like tilt-shift photography, '3D' gifs have very specific composition requirements to work well and look good. The interface was nice and clean, but the integration between apps (sharing) was over-sized, overall felt very much like a early iteration beta and I regret buying it.

    Thorin did you actually use this?

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