Ebay Members Are Selling The PlayStation Classic For $1000

Oh dear. The PlayStation Classic video game console has started popping up on eBay at ridiculously inflated prices. Hopeful "sellers" are currently charging between $400 and $1000 for something they don't actually own yet (the device doesn't launch until December 3). Do not be fooled.

The sheer, opportunistic gall of these eBay sellers really takes the breath away. There are currently around 20 listings for the device with an average asking price well north of $300 - which is double the recommended retail price.

"PlayStation Classic Console - Very Rare!" crows one such listing with a 'Buy Now' price of $1000. "Will be shipped with tracking as soon as it arrives at my home," the seller adds. That would be in December, when you will be able to buy the same product yourself for one sixth of the price.

Needless to say, you should steer well clear of these sales for a multitude of reasons. Here are a few off the top of our heads:

  • Currently, we have no idea how many units Sony will be shipping at launch - there might not be a shortage at all.
  • We don't know which games the PlayStation Classic comes with - what if there's a bunch of duds?
  • These people don't actually own the console yet. There's no guarantee they will even receive their pre-order, which means you will need to waste time negotiating a refund.
  • You can literally pre-order your own console right now for $149.99. Why on earth would you want to pay some stranger six times as much for the same product?

In short, don't be an idiot. Pre-order from an actual retailer, or wait until launch day.


    Someone is actually bidding on one with a starting bid of $200.00. You can get an original PS1 console for cheaper too and if you jump on EB games website, you can still pre-order one. A lot of facepalming.

    I nearly got stung by something similar when the Xbox 360 came out. I was young and dumb, but luckily eBay banned the account before I could decide to go through with it

    People are the worst

      Who? Idiots or opportunists?

        Opportunists. People can't help it if they're an idiot.

          True dat but it’s a symbiotic relationship and the dumber society gets the more opportunists surface...

            Some people may have intellectual difficulties and it is no fault of their own people take advantage of them.

              Look on the bright side - the opportunists are non-discriminatory! Very important in these times...

    I should sell my old original playstation. Heck I've still got the box and receipt in it from when I brought it....now that's a true classic playstation. :p

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