Five Things to Know About the Tesla Model 3

Five Things to Know About the Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is likely one of the most important cars of the decade. When the planned $US35,000 version finally hits the market, it will truly be a luxury electric vehicle for (most of) the masses. But until that happens, we’ll have to contend with the more expensive Long Range version. Here are five things about the Model 3 that you might not have known.

#1 There’s No Car Key

Yes, you read that correctly. The Model 3, controversially, has no traditional car key or fob. Instead, owners are encouraged to download the Tesla app, link their phone with the car and control it remotely.

Once the car is parked, you can view its location, charge status and miles remaining all on the app. And you can unlock and lock the doors and pop the frunk, too.

#2 You Do Get a Keycard, Though

If you understandably don’t own a smartphone, Tesla will give you two keycards that will unlock, lock and start the car. They’re the size of a credit card and fit in your wallet. To unlock the car, you just tap the card on the B-pillar, right below the car’s sensor. To start it, you tap the card on the plastic console behind the cupholders.

The cards are also useful to give to valet attendants, although you might have to teach them how to use the whole thing. Because I did.

#3 You Can Basically Point the A/C Vents Anywhere

The Model 3’s minimalist dash is basically one, big A/C vent. And because there aren’t any toggles or switches anywhere, the controls for where those vents point are accessed through the car’s big-ass touchscreen.

You can either have the airflow come through one, concentrated jet or split it up into two and orient them whichever way you want. Do you want only your abdomen cooled? Do you want only your eyeballs cooled? Both of those are possible.

#4 It Has a Drawing Pad

One of the car’s Easter eggs is that the big-ass touchscreen turns into a drawing pad. And because we aren’t children, we didn’t draw a dick at the first opportunity that we got.

#5 Hidden Charge Port

Unsightly blemishes like petrol caps aren’t an issue with the Model 3. Its charge port is cleverly hidden in its left rear reflector and will open either via the app or if you approach it with a charging plug.

This story originally appeared on Jalopnik.

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