Another Samsung Galaxy Phone Has “Exploded”

Another Samsung Galaxy Phone Has “Exploded”
Image: Rokhana via Imgur
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Samsung is no stranger when it comes to controversy and “exploding” phones. And while the convergence of mobile devices has been a great thing for consumers, no one wants the device they carry in their pocket to converge with a barbecue. A report coming via Reddit claims a Galaxy S7 Edge froze and then “exploded”, adding further heat to an already charged safety record.

Earlier this month, a shiny, new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Long Island reportedly combusted in a real estate agent’s handbag and had to be doused in a bucket of water. And while that was an isolated incident, the real estate agent, Diane Chung, is filing a lawsuit against Samsung asking for damages and a ban on further sales of the Note 9.

The most recent incident, reported in The Sun, says the owner of the device took it back to Samsung but was refused service as the device was out of warranty. Mind you, consumer protection laws in Morocco, where the user’s local Samsung service centre is located, are probably different to the protections afforded to Australian consumers.

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The phone’s owner, who goes by the handle Rokhana, on Reddit said

I had it in my back pocket before taking it out to take a picture, but it froze and shut down. After trying and failing to turn it back on for a minute or so, I put it down on my countertop and figured I’ll just try again later. Literally no more than a couple seconds after putting it down the whole thing spontaneously went up in flames. I had a couple nearby towels catch fire too, thought my kitchen was gonna burn down for a moment

With a two-year old device, it’s hard to know what actually happened in the lead up to this latest incident. But it seems that, based on previous history and these last two reported incidents, with both an older S7 and the newly released Note 9, there’s a lesson to be learned.

If your mobile device, regardless of who made it or its age, becomes hot to touch – put it down somewhere safe and away from other fuel sources. The incident in Morocco was exacerbated by the fact he put it on a countertop at home near some towels that also caught fire. If the device gets hot, I’d suggest an open space away from other objects that may be flammable.

At my place, that would be the driveway, on concrete, several metres away from any cars or trees. It may even be good idea to have plan just in case, given there have been many reports about mobile devices from a number of manufacturers catching fire or severely overheating.

I’d also advise against using cheap third party charges and cables as there have been incidents where poorly made power adapters have caused issues.


  • If you don’t care for your device, it’s bound to have problems. There’s always going to be a few isolated incidents from people too cheap to properly protect their new $1000 devices. I wouldn’t say that this is really worth reporting on.

  • If you’re at home then the kitchen sink or better yet, put it in a saucepan and put the lid on. Yeah you may need a new saucepan afterwards but better than burning down the house.

    As for the phones going up in flames. It’s a bit early for people to be calling for recalls. Especially considering the devices aren’t brand new. If the phones been in the pocket, which one? Back pocket? Has it been sat on and bent, possibly rupturing the battery? Two phones out of what, millions sold doesn’t seem like terrible odds.

    And bloody hell, Morocco must have atrocious consumer protection laws if a Note9 is already out of warranty.

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