Report: Now Samsung Galaxy S7 Edges Are Exploding Too [Updated]

Report: Now Samsung Galaxy S7 Edges Are Exploding Too [Updated]

Uh oh. According to a report on Phone Arena, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in the US has burst into flames while charging. This is allegedly the third such incident involving the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in the past month. Here’s what you need to know.

An anonymous source who “works for one of the big U.S. wireless carriers” recently contacted Phone Arena about a customer who came into his store with a fire-damaged Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

According to the customer, the device burst into flames after being left to charge overnight using the supplied Samsung OEM charger. (Ironically, the customer had allegedly received the unit two weeks ago as a replacement for his Samsung Galaxy Note 7.)

There has now been at least three reports of exploding Galaxy S7 Edges since September. (The most serious was an incident in Ohio that caused the owner to suffer second and third degree burns. He is now in the process of suing Samsung.)

Now, we want to stress that there’s no reason for Galaxy S& Edge owners to be overly alarmed — at least, not yet. A few isolated incidents does not mean a safety recall is imminent: it could just be down to human error or a negligible fraction of faulty units. (As Phone Arena notes, the iPhone 7 has also allegedly “exploded” at least once.)

On the other hand, it’s worth noting that the ‘exploding Note7’ debacle started with similarly isolated reports. The global recall occurred many weeks later.

We’ve contacted Samsung and are awaiting comment. Until we have further information, you should probably keep a closer eye on your Galaxy S7 Edge: especially while it’s charging.

UPDATE: Samsung Electronics provided Lifehacker Australia with the following statement:

“We are unable to comment on this specific incident until we obtain and thoroughly examine the phone. Customer safety remains our highest priority and we want to work with any customer who has experienced an issue with a Samsung product in order to investigate the matter and support them. The issues with the Galaxy Note7 are isolated to only that model.”

So the official line from Samsung is that the Galaxy S7 Edge is safe to use; at least when it comes to the specific battery fault affecting Note7s. We’ll be updating this story with more news as we have it.

[Via Phone Arena]


  • here we go again. i got an s7 edge after having two Note 7s and returning them. samsung, please read this, YOU OWE ME BIG TIME IF THIS THING BLOWS UP!

    • I had 2 note 7s that i returned for s7 edges too lol, here we go again. I made about $700 out of the last recalls, so I’m easy either way.

      • well, i mean i had a note 7, returned it and got a replacement, then returned the replacement and got a s7 edge, ii only get about 250 off me next couple of bills with optus.. howd you get $700

        • I got 2x $50 myer vouchers plus the J1 mini handsets that I sold on gumtree for $50 each with the first recall. Then $250 each handset as a bill credit for the second recall. Considering if the Note 7 hadn’t have come out I would have chosen the S7 Edge anyway I’m taking it as a win.

    • the cause of the Samsung is not the products all of the blowing up Samsungs notes is related to the charger as fast charger gets quite hot all of the notes and the S7 S 7 edges were related to the charging plug & all were left on after hrs late night put on be for going to bed? Samsung has 2 wifi charger that is quite safe or if you want I charge mine by usb longer but no problem it does not get hot as fast as the fast charge unit Samsung is looking at doing away with internal charging in the S8

  • So the official line from Samsung is that the Galaxy S7 Edge is safe to use
    That’s not quite what they said…

    • You left out this bit: “at least when it comes to the specific battery fault affecting Note7s. “

      • Given they don’t seem to know what the specific battery fault affecting the Note 7 is, or even if the fault is with the battery, this sounds like spin.
        And no, they didn’t actually say the Edge was safe to use. What they actually said was that Edge phones are not exploding for the same reason as Note phones.

  • S7 Edge over heated and died whilst on charge last night and our phone provider won’t do a thing… the phone is only 6 months old. Avoid the edge.

    • This morning I get my Samsung galaxy s7 edge out of my handbag as usual but today my phone was very hot and off !!! I charged it to 100% about 6:00 pm last night ?? Not even 6 months old ,my handbag was hot like I had heat bag warmer in it What The Hell!!!❓? lucky I didn’t have a lighter in my bag my father a firefighter would probably have had a heart attack if he knew this I was always home schooled by him on fire dangers lighters have gas in them you know .. Merry xmas me I may burn to death ???? Do Something Samsung this is very wrong lives are at risk I’m texting off friends iPhone too scared too touch it ? ?? Not being funny seriously

  • My samsung galaxy s7 edge blew up in my pocket 2 weeks ago! Samsung isn’t being very compliant and if you like I can provide pictures to add onto your article, the phone melted a hole in my pants but I luckily grabbed it without it burning my hand and threw it away a safe distance where it proceeded to melt the carpet for 5 minutes smoking profusely.

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