Discover Airbnb Locations To Visit In Every New Browser Tab

Discover Airbnb Locations To Visit In Every New Browser Tab

Chrome: If you’re a travel junkie — or, better yet, need a little inspiration to plan your next trip — you’re going to love the Chrome extension Random bnb. It’s incredibly simple, but it does a great job of reminding you that there are gorgeous places in the world you can stay at right now and, in some cases, not even spend a small fortune for an incredible experience. You just have to find them, and that’s where Random bnb comes in.

Install the extension, which requires no special permissions beyond just replacing your default “new tab” page with its own. When you do, every single new tab you open in Chrome will display a new, random Airbnb listing.

You’ll get a quick description of the listing at the top of your tab, a price, and a quick photo to the left. You can’t yet scan through a listing’s full photos, but you can always click through, via the title, to learn more.

And since you likely don’t have a Carmen Sandiego-like knowledge of world geography, Random bnb also drops a little map at the bottom of your tab. Hover your mouse over it, and it’ll pop up slightly to show you where the Airbnb listing is roughly located.

Future versions of the extension might include a way to favourite locations you’re interested in exploring further, as well as flight or driving data for getting there.

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