The Aviation-Themed Workspace

The Aviation-Themed Workspace

This is no ordinary desk. Instead, it’s a painstakingly-built aluminium-covered desk designed to have an aerodynamic look.

Imgur user SirLanceOlong crafted the desk with 0.5mm thick aluminium sheets. The corners still need to be done, but otherwise, it’s an impressive build that took over sixty hours just to create the wood structure. You can see the detailed DIY photos in part 1 and part 2 on imgur, as well as comments on the Reddit thread linked below.

Here’s my aviation themed desk I build a while ago! Part 2 in comments [Reddit via Make]


  • oh damn!
    now that is certainly impressive!

    I dont know why, but the alloy body with teak timber legs really suits it

    wish i had mad skills to make something like this, every time i start i have these great ideas in my head, i half get them on paper but when i start to make my idea it turns out like a car just ran it over!

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