Taste Test: Mad Mex’s Vegan Cheese Vs Real Cheese

Taste Test: Mad Mex’s Vegan Cheese Vs Real Cheese
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Mad Mex is going full vegan, with dairy- and lactose-free cheese now available at all Australian restaurants. (Best of all, it’s currently free to add to any menu product.)

Mad Mex swears on the eyes of orphan children that its new product looks like real cheese, tastes like real cheese and melts like real cheese. We conducted a blind taste test to uncover the truth.

Mad Mex is quickly positioning itself as the premier fast food franchise for Australian vegans. After the success of its vegan tofu and Veggie Rancheros fillings, the company is now offering Vegan cheese to complete the trifecta.

Here’s the spiel from Mad Mex’s marketing gringos:

Bringing vexican (vegan-Mexican) to the masses, Mad Mex is welcoming vegan cheese to their menu which means that all your favourite dishes can become vegan.

Yup, that’s right – you can now have a fully loaded nachos, burritos and tacos with all that cheese. Ok, so the sour cream isn’t vegan but we all know that it’s all about the guac anyway. And as for the ‘meaty’ filling, Mad Mex recently launched the Veggie Rancheros – delicious organic tofu marinated in your favourite Mexican spices.

Does it look like real cheese? Yes! Does it taste like cheese? Yes! Does it melt? Hella yes!

The product is made with coconut oil and contains no dairy or animal by-products. (It wouldn’t be vegan otherwise, would it?) It’s also 100% free of gluten, soy, lactose, GMO and Palm Oil.

This is obviously great news for hardcore herbivores, but does it really look and taste like cheese? To find out, I devoured two Mad Mex burritos – one with vegan cheese and one with regular cheese. I also enlisted the taste buds of Gizmodo’s Rae Johnston – a former vegan with lots of experience in fake cheese.

To remove any element of bias, we didn’t know which was which prior to eating. To find out how the Vegan Cheese fared, click on the video below!

…Can’t be arsed watching? Fair enough. Here’s the tl;dw version:

It’s very yellow and a teensy bit rubbery. But as cheese substitutes go, it’s not bad at all. (Plus, any difference in taste and texture is mitigated by the other burrito ingredients.)

If you’re a vegan (or vegan curious) give it a burl.

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