Gamer Alert: This Is The Cheapest PS4 Pro Deal We’ve Ever Seen

Gamer Alert: This Is The Cheapest PS4 Pro Deal We’ve Ever Seen
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Australia’s first Amazon Prime Day is now in full swing – and some of the deals are a lot better than most punters were expecting. Take, for example, the 1TB PlayStation 4 Pro which is currently going for just $379. That’s a cool 32% off the sticker price (and around $100 less than a vanilla 1TB PlayStation 4.) The deal also comes with some Fotrnite goodies.

To get this deal, you need to be an Amazon Prime member which currently sets you back $4.99 per month. However, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial – as long as you cancel before the trial expires you won’t be charged anything.

The PS4 Pro offer is the best gaming deal we’ve seen on Amazon thus far. (The same console is currently selling for $539 on JB Hi-Fi.)

Note that this is for the suped up Pro version of the PlayStation 4 which has been optimised for 4K gaming and HDR video playback. The deal also comes bundled with 500 V-Bucks (the in-game currency for the popular video game Fortnite) and a Royale Bomber outfit for the same game.

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  • To get this deal you must go back in time, because Amazon set limited stock. By the time I got to check the deals this had long since gone. It didn’t even appear as having happened outside the initial digital flier. I only signed up for this service hoping for such a deal at some point following their boxing day that I missed. It was not to be, because Amazon Prime is a service where you pay to wait in a digital line or miss out. This isn’t some rinky-dink store it’s Amazon: giant in digital space. Their limitations are miserly and pathetic, and Amazon Prime is an atrocious service. I wish there were a David to this repugnant Goliath, but an economy of scale precludes this–I’ll just sling my solitary ‘Fuck you, Amazon.’

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