How To Pick A Washing Machine That Saves You Time

How To Pick A Washing Machine That Saves You Time
Image: Samsung

Laundry is one of life’s most time-consuming chores, but it just has to be done. With the rise of the smart home, features on washing machines are becoming more sophisticated than ever before.

In fact, it can actually be quite overwhelming to decide what you need and what will be useful to you.


Brought to you by Samsung QuickDrive, the revolutionary washing machine that cuts washing time up to half.

Choose wisely and your new purchase will take the hassle out of doing laundry, freeing you up to spend time doing the things you actually love.

Here are the top features to look at when you’re upgrading to a smart washing machine.

Drum Technology

The drum doesn’t normally get a lot of attention, but it’s important to consider it’s design, material and size.

For example, Samsung’s new QuickDrive machines have launched some revolutionary innovations with the drum as the centrepiece.

The game-changing Q-Drum consists of a main drum and a backplate which rotate independently, in opposite directions to one another.

In terms of time-saving tech, this unique, double-force action means clothes are washed quicker, without compromising performance levels – and it’s still gentle on your clothes.

That brings full-wash times for an average load down to 64 minutes. With the Super Speed setting, washes are just 39 minutes.

Innovative Door

Image Image: Samsung

When choosing a smart washing machine, it’s important to separate innovation from gimmicks and look for features you’ll actually use throughout the machine’s lifespan.

Samsung’s AddWash door is one such innovation and it’s here to rescue you if you’ve forgotten to load a few items.

At any point during the wash, pull open the genius second door and add extra clothes or fabric softener

Whether it’s that forgotten pile from the bathroom or an item that only needs a quick rinse towards the end of the cycle, features like this save heaps of time and energy as it doesn’t drain the drum of its water and detergent.

Home Connectivity

Image Image: Samsung

Beyond the traditional laundry hacks, we’re now able to use technology such as artificial intelligence to make those laundry dilemmas easier to solve.

Most of us are probably guilty of phoning our parents for some basic laundry advice despite being grown adults, but smart machines are here to save you and your pride!

Samsung’s QuickDrive machines work in conjunction with the Q-rator smart laundry assistant app, which is basically like a recipe book for all your washing needs.

The app recommends the optimal cycle based on the type of clothes, the colour and the level of dirt. Then you can simply start the wash right from your phone.

You can also remotely manage your laundry start and end times with Smart Control and keep on top of maintenance, so you no longer waste hours waiting for a load to finish before you leave the house.

These time-saving features are in addition to the reliable, innovative and energy efficient engineering you’d expect from a smart washing machine, such as a self-cleaning system and bacteria-fighting steam cycles.

Check out the Samsung QuickDrive range here to discover how you can reclaim your time to do the things you really care about in life.