macOS Is Finally Getting A Proper Dark Theme

Image: Steve Troughton-Smith / Twitter

With only days to go before WWDC hits, we're not surprised a few details about Apple's plans for macOS are slipping out. One such snippet is the reveal of a full dark theme for 10.14, spotted by a sharp-eyed developer via the Mac App Store API.

Games developer Steve Troughton-Smith, who found the video, took a few screenshots for the rest of us to enjoy.

Image: Steve Troughton-Smith / Twitter
Image: Steve Troughton-Smith / Twitter

According to Troughton-Smith, the clip "'should' have been hidden", but this clearly didn't happen:

As usual, the spoilers came from within: Apple posted a 30-second preview video of Xcode on 10.14 to the Xcode MAS store page API (which, as videos aren't supported on the MAS, 'should' have been hidden. Guess nobody checked.).

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If you want to see the video itself, which mostly features a dark-themed Xcode, 9to5Mac's Benjamin Mayo managed to get a hold of it.

@stroughtonsmith [Twitter]


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