Why Notepads Are Better For Productivity [Infographic]

Most of us only put pen to paper during the occasional lecture or workplace meeting. The rest of the time, we stick to a mouse and keyboard. This infographic explains why you should make more time for old-school scribbling.

The findings below come from a national study survey commissioned by Canon. In addition to the pen versus screen stuff, it also includes some interesting facts about colour coding and the different ways each gender prefers to study.

Needless to say, you should take some of these findings with a grain of salt - Canon does have a vested interest, after all. Nevertheless, it can't be denied that the trusty pen does have some advantages over keyboards and touch screens. Check it out below!

[Via Canon Australia]


    Seriously the study via Canon!!!
    Hmm, let me think what do they still sell a lot of???
    That's right home printers and overpriced ink hope the students are bright enough to work that out.
    Plus lots of claims they felt they did better no actual results that they did better

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