Why You Should Consider A Self-Cleaning Oven

Why You Should Consider A Self-Cleaning Oven

In a world where every household member keeps to their own meal schedule, kitchen appliances need to be versatile.

The move toward ovens that reciprocate and guide the chef with personalised settings is all part of modern kitchen styling.

While searching for the right appliance, you are bound to notice the uptake of innovative and multifunctional pyrolytic ovens that even clean themselves when the cooking is done.

Do self-cleaning pyrolytic ovens perform differently?

Pyrolytic ovens are at the top of the kitchen design wish list for lots of reasons. They are versatile, powerful and extremely energy efficient thanks to state-of-the-art insulation and design features.

Contemporary oven technology has created new opportunities, and even novice cooks can now easily prepare restaurant quality meals at home. ASKO pyrolytic ovens, for example, provide multiple options for getting the best out of baking, grilling and frying, and can even store and retrieve your favourite menu choices.

Pyrolysis occurs when very high oven temperature reacts with organic material (spills, oil, food residue). The pyrolytic process, also called thermochemical decomposition, is also noticed in household fireplaces when the interior door-glass miraculously cleans itself when hot.

Quality pyrolytic ovens retain heat in the cavity, allowing the kitchen to stay cooler, while the specially designed glass door panels remain safe to touch. Best of all, while the oven cleans itself you get to spend time with family and friends, or simply put your feet up and relax.

What other advantages do self-cleaning ovens have?

Why You Should Consider A Self-Cleaning Oven

Oven innovation focuses on appliances that multi-task. Pyrolytic cleaning functions are at the forefront of self-cleaning oven technology, and developers incorporate the additional energy into other oven features for superior performance all-round.

The pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle uses temperatures close to 500ºC, providing enough energy to transform your oven into a genuine culinary powerhouse. Pyrolytic self-cleaning oven advantages include:

  • No uncomfortable kneeling and scrubbing
  • No need for chemicals, solvents and cleaning agents
  • Safer for people with sensitive skin
  • No cross contamination of food spills while cooking fresh meals
  • Highly effective insulation for an entertainer’s kitchen
  • Quadruple glazed oven doors that remain safe to touch
  • An oven that can always look as good as new
  • Pyroproof side-racks and accessories for easy cleaning

How does the self-cleaning cycle work?

Why You Should Consider A Self-Cleaning Oven

Pyrolytic ovens aren’t the only type of self-cleaning oven appliance. Innovative manufacturers such as ASKO also make ovens that incorporate steam-clean and aqua-clean systems for keeping appliances showroom-fresh.

However, pyrolytic ovens are leading the change in hands-free, intelligent design and Australian home owners are appreciating the difference.

The cleaning cycle is accessed by the high-definition control panel and everything is automated at the push of a button. Once the cleaning cycle commences and the oven begins heating, the door locks for additional safety.

When the oven temperature nears 500ºC the fans automatically circulate intense heat throughout every corner of the oven cavity. The self-cleaning cycle lasts for 1.5 – 2hrs, reducing food spills and caked-on grime to a fine ash. When the oven cools down, the residual ash is simply brushed away.

How do self-cleaning ovens make cooking easier?

The pyrolytic oven design and construction enhances the performance of oven functions. For starters, the oven, kitchen and chef will all remain cooler thanks to seamless manufacture and superior insulation.

Contemporary Australian homes are designed for entertaining, and an ASKO pyrolytic oven can work at full capacity without fumes and smoke permeating the air. In other words, visitors remain comfortable and the chef doesn’t need to slave away out of sight.

Progressive pyrolytic ovens are feature-rich, including modes and functions suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced chefs. Features include dozens of settings such as defrost, auto-roast and multi-phase cooking, all easily accessed by the digital control panel.

Automated programs make cooking a breeze, while the menu archive is a tremendous resource for discovering new recipes and saving old favourites.

Seamlessly integrated pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens are a smart choice for people who care about quality, appearance, energy efficiency and satisfaction with every meal.