Today I Discovered How To Build A Paper Plane That Floats Forever

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'Plane' may be a stretch, but this is one of the coolest videos I've seen. Over on WIRED's twitter this weekend they showed off a video of 'The Tumbling Wing', a paper plane you can keep in the air, forever.

I've heard of the fabled Tumble Wing before, but this video, by the genius team at WIRED have summed up just how to create and fly it in just a couple of minutes.

Here's the video:

I tried to make one at my desk this morning, but I didn't want to walk around the office holding it up. People already look at me weird enough. I could get it to do the tumbling thing pretty easily so, try it out in your spare time today.

Sadly, Today I Discovered is taking a short hiatus! I'll be back bringing you the good weird stuff you can find out there on the World Wide Web in a couple weeks time.

Never stop learning.


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