The Best Exercises To Master Your Arm Muscles [Infographic]

The Best Exercises To Master Your Arm Muscles [Infographic]
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Ever wanted to hang off a big hog with your 24-inch pythons like our mate Hulk Hogan, brother? Of course you have, brother. If you’ve ever wondered about which exercises you need to do to grow those biceps, triceps and forearms – look no further, brother. Here are the best exercises to master those arm muscles.

Hulk Hogan spoke to everyone as though they were his brethren, but of course, these arm muscle tips are good for brothers and brother-sisters alike, brother! This infographic comes from Decibel Nutrition (@TrainDecibel) and details the best way to optimise your workout. It also details just how big Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biceps were at his peak – a meek 22 inches, brother.

Let me tell you, brother, you ain’t got nothing on the Hulkster, brother.

Don’t forget, you need a leg day every now and again too, brother – otherwise how could you complete those Atomic Leg Drops, brother?

Anyway, if you want to know just how you should train these muscle groups – the biceps, triceps and forearms – then this is the infographic for you.

Image: Decibel Nutrition


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