Dropbox Showcase Brings Collaboration To Presentations

Dropbox Showcase Brings Collaboration To Presentations
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Dropbox has added a new presentation tool, Dropbox Showcase, to its portfolio as the company best known for file syncing and sharing continues to expand its collaboration toolkit. Showcase is available to all Dropbox Business Advanced and Enterprise teams along with updates to admin controls for managing the deployment of Showcase within businesses and workgroups.

Admins can manage team-wide settings for enabling Showcase as well as managing external sharing and setting default download permissions for viewers of a team’s showcases. Dropbox’s activity log makes it possible to track Showcase usage.

Showcase supports drag-and-drop uploads to make it easy to add content and you can duplicate an existing Showcase so it can be reused as a template for future work. And a preview mode allows to to ensure everything looks great for Recipients whether they’re using a desktop or mobile device.

Like Paper, Showcase isn’t about Dropbox building a better PowerPoint or Slides or replacing those products. It’s a different approach based on a centralised collaboration zone where content from multiple sources can be brought together for a team to work on. If you have text, images, spreadsheets, movies, images or other content, they can be dragged into a Showcase representation so that a team working together has just one copy of each element in a central place.

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