Dropbox Paper Adds Slack Integration

Image: Supplied by Dropbox

Collaboration is shaping up as a major battleground for enterprise software providers. On the back of recent announcements by Atlassian and Microsoft, Slack and Dropbox have announced the release or Dropbox Paper for Slack.

Dropbox Paper is content creation and sharing tool that was introduced by the company a couple of years ago. It's their play on shifting from online storage, which is now a commodity service, to more value with the ability to create, share and collaborate on content more easily.

Dropbox Paper for Slack lets you send links to Paper documents through Slack. Rather than just seeing a boring URL, you get a preview of the document. You can also create new Paper documents by typing "/paper new" followed by the title of your new work. A similar string can also be used to initiate a search - just type "/paper" and your search terms.

Paper's big challenge, I think, is the embedded use of other document creation platforms. You're hard pressed to find a business not using Microsoft Office or Google Docs. But by leveraging the popularity of Slack, Dropbox may have a crack at the lucrative enterprise collaboration market.

What do you think? Can Dropbox Paper shoulder its way into the collaboration market?


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