Dropbox Boosts Smart Sync

Dropbox Boosts Smart Sync
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Dropbox has expanded the use of their Smart Sync feature, which keeps less-used files online without storing them on your local hard drive, to all Dropbox Professional users. Alongside this addition come a bunch of new admin and management features to assist with deploying Dropbox in businesses.

Smart Sync was previously only available through the company’s early access program. It allows files to be readily available without having to sync them between the cloud and local storage.

Admins now get the option to limit the amount of data the Dropbox desktop app needs to sync after installation. Users won’t have to wait for their entire Dropbox to sync before they can start working. And centralised control of the feature will allow admins to establish team-wide settings rather than having to configure each user individually.

The feature is also handy as it allows admins and users to mark jobs as complete so the files can be retained online but archived off a user’s computer.

One of the downsides of the move from hard drives to SSDs was a reduction in local storage capacity in many PCs. That can make it challenging to sync an entire Drop Box. Smart Sync helps with that problem as well as making deployment quicker.

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