What Would Happen If You Lived On Coffee For A Day?

What Would Happen If You Lived On Coffee For A Day?


Life Noggin decided to take a look at this hypothetical by assuming one person might quaff eight cups of coffee in a single day, amounting to around 800mg of caffeine.

On the plus side, your dopamine, adrenaline and serotonin levels are up, however, the world’s most popular stimulant also has some negative effects on the brain:

…motor learning is diminished, meaning motor skills like typing are more difficult. And [the] brain is experiencing decreased cerebral blood flow. It’s not getting the blood it needs to function at its best.

And if all you were to do was drink coffee, seeing as each cup is about 21kJ, you’d be hungry as hell. While the caffeine might make up slightly for the loss of food energy, you’d be paying for it by the end of the day.

Is A Coffee A Day Good Or Bad For You?

A recent headline in the Australian claimed “A short black a day can keep heart attack at bay”. Is this more good news for coffee lovers, or a case of be careful what you read?

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Oh, if you’re wondering why you need an extended bathroom stop after drinking coffee, congratulations, you’re one of the 30 per cent that experiences increased stomach acidity from the beverage, which in turn accelerates digestion.

What a bummer. So to speak.

What If You Only Drank Coffee? Ft. WheezyWaiter [YouTube]

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