Today I Discovered How To Make The World Better (By Being Totally Selfish)

Today I Discovered How To Make The World Better (By Being Totally Selfish)

“It’s good for you if people in obscure parts of countries you’ve never heard of are prospering. There is a genuine selfish argument for making the world a better place.”

I’m all about that.

By now, if you aren’t watching Kurzgesagt, you’re really missing out. Kurzgesagt means ‘In A Nutshell’ in German and is the brainchild of Phillip Dettmer. The channel has over five million subscribers, makes infinitely complex science incredibly accessible and is definitely better than those Paul brothers that the news bangs on about.

Imagine a world where celebrities were people that spread the good word of science, as opposed to starting a fire pit in an empty pool or parading around Japan being a total knob. Just imagine that world. I am trying to imagine that world. It’s beautiful.

Kurzgesagt tries to (sort of, indirectly), in their latest video about Egoistic Altruism. Using pies, space travel, cancer, medical research.

The core idea of the video: It’s in your interest for people around the world to be better off – because it’s better for you personally.

My final Life Hack: Watch Kurzgesagt. One of the most interesting channels on YouTube. We totally need these awesome resources.


  • Ummm yeah I’m calling out this randian bullshit right now.
    At a certain point, your selfishness and the good of the species/planet come to a head.
    You don’t even need to go far to see where this will break down.
    If you’re on a six figure sum and be selfish and vote against tax increases, then you’re shooting the rest (read: the majority) of society in the face, because that’s less revenue for public goods, infrastructure, health, education, etc.
    Same thing if you’re an employer and choose to be selfish and not pay your workers a decent wage. Meaning they won’t have as much disposable income, meaning they won’t go out and buy as much stuff, meaning there will be less economic activity, meaning less people will buy your goods and services. Ergo, you shoot yourself in the foot by being selfish.

    None of that helps society, therefore, it doesn’t help you either.
    If any of this selfish bullshit were true, trickle down economics would work.

    The truth is, the overwhelming evidence shows that being selfless benefits you in the long run.

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