How To Use 'Simplified View' In Google Chrome 65

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These days, most websites automatically switch to a mobile-friendly version when you view them on your smartphones. Unfortunately, the results can still be cluttered and difficult to navigate - especially if you aren't rocking a huge phone.

The latest version of Google Chrome attempts to take care of this problem with a 'Simplified View' option. Here's how to switch it on.

Chrome 65 comes with some new improvements under the hood, including new options for language preferences, streamlined data processes for specific applications and an improved interface for sharing and deleting downloads. One of the more intriguing additions is Simplified View which allows you to read select web pages in a barebones format that focuses on the content.

Previously, this option was only available via a complicated notifications system but it can now be switched on for all websites by default.

Here's how to get it on your phone:

  • Open the Chrome browser (version 65) on your phone
  • Go to Settings > Accessibility
  • Tap on the 'simplified view' option
  • This is now toggled for all supported articles

There are a few caveats to take note off. First and foremost, this sometimes removes 'superfluous' content from a loaded web page which you nevertheless may find valuable, such as the comments section below an article.

Plus, ads may be blocked which obviously affects sites that provide free access to content (like this one.) If you don't want the entire internet to disappear behind a paywall, we recommend only switching this on when you intend to visit a particularly unwieldy or mobile-unfriendly websites only.

If you're using Android's default settings, Chrome should update automatically via Wi-Fi. Failing that, you can manually install it here.

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