What's Your Favourite Fast Food Item You've Had Abroad?

I'll usually be the first to tell you that you should dive into real local cuisine when you travel to another country. It's one of the most important aspects of a culture. But I'll also be the first to tell you that you should totally hit up fast food chains in other countries. They're awesome! If you have, what's your favourite thing that you just can't get here in Australia?

Personally, I've eaten at McDonald's in several countries. It's a cheap meal that I'm familiar with, and the menu items that are special to each country are fascinating. I've done the 'Royale with Cheese' thing, but my favourite stuff by far was in Japan. How about a cheeseburger with an egg on it? Yummy. Or maybe a teriyaki burger? Yes, please. Better yet, how about a shrimp patty burger, or the limited Chicken Tatsuta burger? That's a fried chicken patty lathered with soy sauce and ginger, placed on a bed of cabbage, topped with a spicy, creamy egg yolk sauce, and all of it nestled in a super soft bun.

As much as I enjoy McDonald's, though, KFC is my true love - and Japan does KFC proud. They have got great fried chicken, distinct Japanese flavours, and it is the place to eat come Christmas time. My favourite item is their Japanese style chicken cutlet sandwich. Katsu-style fried chicken patty drenched in a super umami sauce, lettuce, mayo, and a bun. I'll take one of those, some twisty fries, and one of your flakey, doughnut-shaped biscuits to go, please.

So, what have you had from a fast food chain abroad that was unique? Tell us in the comments below.


    The double mushroom swiss from Burger King. I eat one every time I visit Changi Airport in Singapore.

    I love getting rookwurst in the Netherlands, no two sauces are the same and they are always amazing.

    Best KFC I ever had was in Amsterdam. So good. But then again, it might have been the fault of the cafe I went to before hand.

    Kielbasa at Christmas markets in Poland were also damn good.

    The ubiquitous Singaporean breakfast: kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs and strong sweetened tea.

    While not available at big-name fast food outlets, virtually every cafe there serves this, usually with almost no waiting time.

    I once had a bacon and egg McMuffin from Japan but the bun was choc chip pancakes...

    Tokyo, what i thought i was ordering was a Bacon and Egg Mcmuffin from Maccas, Instead it had 2 thick maple flavoured pancakes for the muffin part. Absolutely delightful, had it the next 3 days straight.

    I'm going with a lazy option. I had the opportunity to spend a good number of weeks in Vegas a few years ago, and a couple of doors down from the hotel I was in there was a 24 hour McDonalds. They had 20 nuggets for $5, which at 3 in the morning was a most handy option.

    Nothing special, or particularly unique, but that was a wonderful vice to have on hand.

    I recently tried the Double Prosperity Chicken Burger in Singapore, which was a little slimey (sticky chicken plus mayo) but was surprisingly tasty.

    The Rendang Whopper at Burger King is a staple every time I'm at Changi for a connecting flight.

    I also tried the Golden Huat Floss Double BK Chicken Crisp; which is essentially a double chicken burger with what looks like pork floss on top. Pretty sure this is what gave me food poisoning.

    Chicken in Malaysia's KFC tastes much better, I do not know why, perhaps they feed them diff stuff or the cooks there are better.

    Im in jakarta and had a maccas breakfast muffin, replace the bacon with crumbed curry chicken, was pretty good.

    Singapore maccas mc spicy wins everytime

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