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What To Do When Your Office Is Too Cold

The Empire Strikes Back Remember during the summer, when your office building cranked the aircon to stupid low temperatures and you had to put on a beanie? Remember thinking “at least in the winter they will crank the heat”? We remember thinking that at Lifehacker. What a fun surprise to…

How Men Can Help Stop Sexual Harassment At Work

Workplace sexual harassment affects far more women than men, but men are the ones who bear responsibility for ending it. Besides, of course, not harassing women, we need to stand up for them, especially (and unfortunately) as we’re more likely to be heard and respected than the victims themselves. Esquire…

The Best Way To Ask For A Favour

So, you need some help. It’s okay, we all need a hand sometimes. Problem is, a lot of us don’t know how to go about asking – so we don’t. Well, according to a social psychologist, here’s the simplest, most effective way to ask for a favour.