Live Blogging Click Frenzy To Find The Best Deals

We’re here, live blogging the Click Frenzy sales taking place from 7pm AEDT tonight. I don’t know that I can last the full 24 hours, but jump in and see what kind of deals we’re tracking down from Australia’s biggest online sale (so far!)

Note: You’ve stumbled into an old Click Frenzy article. Click here for this year’s deals roundup!

[7:03] Alright, so far, this Click Frenzy thing isn’t very interesting. Am I doing something wrong? I can’t find the LG 55″ TV for $10. This is … urgh.

[7:04] Checked the Catch of the Day site, nothing really in it for me – Finish Quantum 160 Tabs for $32 is a good deal. They have a 4K 55″ TV by Jaeger for $497.17.

Twitter isn’t happy:

[7:14] Reports that won’t load, is struggling to go from page to page when I tried it out. Click Frenzy site is fine though, which is a relief – there’s just no SUPER deals on there yet.

[7:22] Twitter angst:

[7:28] Will we see the first big email deal come through at 730? Or is everyone going to lose it? I wonder if Facebook is any better….

[7:29] Well, Facebook certainly isn’t any better. In fact, it may be worse than Twitter. I do like seeing the word ‘crock’ used frequently, though.

[7:31] VideoPro has buckled under the weight, but recovered quickly.

[7:43] Still no emails and still no SUPER deals that I’ve come across.

[7:46] Emails are coming through for the first deals – an iPad and a PS4

[7:55] I haven’t received my email but Twitter comes through with some information. There will be a banner ad in the TV & Home Theatre category between 8 and 9pm that will contain one of the big ticket items – perhaps the $10 TV? Find it here.

[8:04] I still haven’t received an email from Click Frenzy on any of the accounts I’ve signed up with. Strange. Many Twitter users reporting they have.

[8:05] To be honest, really loving these Air New Zealand prices. Sydney to LA for $900 return is fantastic!

[8:07] I don’t know if I have mentioned this yet, but make sure you have your ad-blocker turned off. The banner deals – some of the best deals – will only show up if you don’t have an ad-blocker on.

[8:10] Here’s some tips on how to get the best deals from the Click Frenzy site. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of transparency around how to actually get them – so keep your eyes peeled on this page.

[8:11] Will Australia Post deliver all these things in a convenient time frame? That’s the $10 TV question!

[8:13] Some people seem to be enjoying the thrill of it all at least.

[8:14] Another deal I love – Sony’s X7000E LED 4K Ultra HD TV for $1099 – saving you $700 and an absolute quality telly.

[8:16] Still no email for me about where to grab the MEGA DEALS. What does this mean? What have I done to deserve this Click? Why are you doing this to me. I want my $10 TV.

[8:17] Oh… damn, looks like we missed out on the $10 iPad!

[8:19] Sadly, the iPad is gone, but it seems that super cheap XBOX’s are up next – haven’t received my email though so, not sure that I can do anything. Twitter is mad.

[8:21] Happy customers

[8:23] Alright legends, my email came through – here’s the next deal and where you need to be if you want it between 9pm and 10pm. Follow the instructions.

Excuse the poor quality as I rapidly transfer pictures across

This is the landing page for you to refresh madly between 9 and 10pm AEDT.

[8:27] Okay, here’s how the crazy deals work and what they will be:

First of all, there will only be another seven “Bargains of a Lifetime”. To get them you will need to be receiving Click Frenzy’s emails.

The items that will be on sale are:

  • $100 MYER Gift Card: $1
  • Google Home: $2
  • Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate: $2
  • DJI Spark Mini Drone Fly More Combo – White: $10
  • $200 MYER Gift Card: $2
  • LG 55″ UJ654T Ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV: $10

Judging by how the email is worded, it seems that there will be three more emails, each with two of these deals and the times to look out for them. So you really have to keep an eye on your inbox for instructions.

In the 60 minute period that these are available for you will see the banner advert change – you will need to write down the DISCOUNT CODE that it displays and CLICK IT ASAP. Then you will be taken to a landing page where you can buy it.

Good luck! I will keep updating, but the Xbox One S deal should be ‘live’ in the next 30 minutes. I don’t think I will have any time to tell you guys when it drops so stay on the CAR AND BIKE page and refresh like a maniac!

[8:32] This is intense. I am sweating. I am dehydrated. I suspect the way the emails are coming through that the CRAZY TV DEAL won’t be available until tomorrow.

[8:38] Now we play everybody’s favourite game: The Waiting Game. It’s not quite as good as Hungry, Hungry Hippos, but we’ve got another 22 minutes until the Xbox One S bundle goes live for $4. In the meantime, I am gonna hunt you guys down some other cracking deals!

[8:44] I am right there with you, FitzO

[8:48] I love my Surface Laptop – Microsoft has some decent prices on some of them, plus you get a sleeve too. Worth checking out if you’re looking for a new laptop.

[8:50] Open up the Car & Bike tab – under the Outdoor, Auto and BBQ tab now to prepare yourself for $4 Xbox One S!

[8:51] I spent about $250 at ASOS today, because they have 30% off but only until 4am tomorrow morning. I haven’t seen those kinds of discounts for a long time and I now have lots of shorts.

[8:52] Twitter users suggesting that the second email has started going out with the new deals. Will chase.

[8:55] REALLY CHEAP BOOKS. Up to 95% off. Buy that one about the Great White Whale, to remind yourself your current Great White Whale is a $10 TV.

[8:56] Crazy deal on an 8 day tour of China from Nexus Holidays. Usually costs around $1799 and now only $599. Check it out if you’re interested in Beijing and Shanghai!



[9:02] Do you think Click Frenzy team know that the Xbox One S isn’t actually… well, a Car or Bike?

[9:07] No Xbox sighting yet… But I am out here with my binoculars on. They aren’t helping. In fact, the binoculars are hindering. I’ll take them off.

[9:10] F5 button is getting a work out. So is my patience.

[9:13] I’ve got the rest of the house on Xbox One S watch… Man, I am glad I don’t have kids.

[9:14] Catch of the Day have a ton of deals, some products are up to 85% off. Worth checking out… Once the Xbox One S deal is done.

[9:17] *David Attenborough voice* The majestic $4 Xbox One S is an enigmatic being, only rearing its white-backed shell for a fleeting moment, before again disappearing into the wilderness of the internet…. We still haven’t seen it.

[9:20] GUYS! Make sure your ad-blocker is off to get this Xbox deal.

[9:21] And just like that… it’s all over (apparently)

[9:22] It’s already over.

[9:26] Kind of sneaky – but the banner was down the bottom of the page for this one, which I didn’t expect. I didn’t get through but something to keep in mind for next time. Have a look at the placement.

[9:28] That was a pretty good deal and it was really quick. The banner was placed in one of the sneakiest positions and I didn’t scroll and see it quickly enough. The first two deals have been within 20 minutes of the hour… Will we see that continue?

[9:29] Next up is the Myer Gift Card $100 for a measly gold coin. It will be available in the Luggage section, apparently.


[9:33] I can’t stop singing Elton John’s Candle In The Wind. I don’t know why.

[9:36] No report from me about the second email. Facebook users saying they’ve got it and many Twitter users… but not me.

[9:38] If you’re after computer equipment then I would suggest checking out Mwave which are doing some HOT deals right now. Video cards and external SSD’s among the best deals around.

[9:42] Drinks break. Prepare yourself for $100 worth of Myer money for just $1. Get onto the luggage page!

[9:44] Well… when you put it this way it seems kind of sad…

[9:45] If you’re into gaming headsets, I’ve been using this Razer Kraken for a couple of weeks and I dig it for gaming. Huge. Centrecom have it for only $69!

[9:47] Just so you know – we totally think that Amazon will launch by next Friday and that means that all these deals could be… boring. I mean, maybe not $4 Xbox One’s but some of the other deals potentially?

[9:49] I wonder if my Editor will let me put leave in via this post?

[9:50] If other users are to be believed, then the next BARGAIN OF A LIFETIME is on in 10 minutes. Unfortunately, I don’t have the second email to confirm. That’s pretty poor form, Click Frenzy.

[9:52] This pair of cans is one of the best you can buy right now – the Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones. $376 at eBay. Boom!

[9:55] We cross to Kanye for more:

[10:00] My eyes are getting sore but now is the time to be checking the Luggage category for that $100 Myer Gift Card. It will set you back $1 if you can snap it up – remember to check the entire page for the banner add, remember the DISCOUNT CODE and then use that at checkout. The whole process is unnecessarily complex, but the deals are good. Good luck!

[10:02] Alright, it seems the Myer Gift Card might be last of the night – once that’s done I am going to hit the hay. Don’t worry – Lifehacker will keep you updated tomorrow too!

[10:03] Still lots of users angry that they haven’t even got this elusive second email?

[10:07] Still waiting for the Myer Gift Card from what I can tell.

[10:09] Myer Gift Card is GONE.

[10:11] That time I had it in the cart and ready to go, but I just couldn’t find the place to put the discount code, sadly.

[10:12] The checkout process is horrendous – they hide the place to put the discount code behind a drop box, which is really just poor user interface. I didn’t grab it this time. Sadly, I was so close.

[10:14] Some happy campers though!

[10:16] Shouldn’t have to say, but make sure you are logged in to the Click Frenzy site to speed things up. If you aren’t, go here to make your account.

[10:19] Perhaps one thing that is constant – the banner was again at the bottom of the page:

[10:20] Disappointed that I haven’t received the second email (or even third, perhaps?) but I am hearing rumblings that the next deal goes up bright and early, at 7am. Perhaps we can resume then?

[10:22] Alright legends, it’s been real fun but I’ve gotta head off for the night. Probably a good thing to check out this 40% off deal at Bonds before I go though, because I might need new underwear if I find myself scoring a $10 TV tomorrow…

[10:28] WHOA HOLD UP. Pre-sleep scoop – the Google Home will be available from Click Frenzy’s Pet section sometime between 7am and 8am tomorrow November 15. See you then, legends.

[10:30] Okay, it’s really time to sleep now.

Wednesday November 15

[06:40] Good morning! Let’s see how much I can carry us through the rest of the crazy bargains today. In 20 minutes, head to the Pets section because you can grab a $2 Google Home (which has an RRP of $199)

[06:52] If you’re joining us for the first time this morning a few things to remember: The $2 Google Home will appear as a banner somewhere on the Pets page between 7am and 8am AEDT. You must turn off your ad blocking software so that you can see the banner ad. So far, the banner ads have been toward the bottom of the page.

Once it appears, you’ll need to click it and remember the discount code it was displaying. Hit checkout, then click the drop down box to add in the DISCOUNT CODE so you don’t accidentally pay full price.

[06:56] The first three BARGAINS OF A LIFETIME GO WILD deals appeared on their pages within the first 25 minutes. Will this trend continue?

[07:00] Alright hunters, I’ve got to catch a train, so you’ll be on your own this time around. I believe in you! I’ll update this post with any Google Home news I find on my travels. PETS SECTION NOW GO GO GO GO. Good luck!

[07:05] Google Home is sold out. Hahah. Did you get up early? Don’t smash your coffee cup! Breathe.

[07:06] We’ll be back with the next deal as we hear about it. Expect it will be a DJI drone! Stay tuned.

[07:09] If you’ve received Click Frenzy’s third email, let us know what deals are up next. So far I’ve got both emails AFTER the deals have gone live. Pretty poor effort. The only time I’ve been angrier at ‘Click’ was when I watched that Adam Sandler movie.

[07:25] The Happy Customers are rolling in, even though they’ve been awake for less than half an hour…

[07:39] We’re in a holding pattern at the moment, with no reports of the latest email coming through with the next deal. I expect the Fitbit and DJI drone will be up next though, so keep an eye on your inbox. For me? Coffee.

[07:45] I’ve acquired caffeine to power through the morning.

[07:47] I also recommend following the Lifehacker AU Twitter for any Click Frenzy alerts – particularly the TV and my own twitter – @dctrjack – where I’ll be doing the same.

[08:00] Here’s where that Google Home banner appeared. Again, down the bottom.


[8:09] The LG 55″ TV is expected to be the very last GO WILD deal – so I wouldn’t expect it before midday today.

[8:13] Cotton On has 30% off online on all their brands – including BODY and Typo. Well worth checking out in this slow period, because there’s some great stocking stuffers in there.

[8:18] How have you been tracking with the sales so far? Had any luck? What’s your biggest gripes? I hate the layout of the website, especially the Go Wild deals, which seem designed to deliberately obfuscate the way in which you can get the huge discounts. Let us know how you’re feeling in the comments.

[8:30] Waiting on that third email… still doesn’t seem like there’s any information coming through yet. The four remaining GO WILD deals are:

  • $100 MYER Gift Card: $1
  • Google Home: $2
  • Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate: $2
  • DJI Spark Mini Drone Fly More Combo – White: $10
  • $200 MYER Gift Card: $2
  • LG 55″ UJ654T Ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV: $10

[8:37] I’m a huge NBA fan so seeing the Nike store with 20% off during Click Frenzy is awesome. I’m in the market for new kicks too and these prices are pretty good.

[8:48] Throughout this process, Click Frenzy have been largely unresponsive to requests from customers and users on social media asking questions. That’s not the way to run a huge sale that draws in two million customers. It generates bad sentiment and can only make places like Amazon look more attractive.

[8:50] Let’s check in with Twitter to see how they believe Amazon might be feeling

Oh yes.

[8:53] I agree that it does seem a little silly to be getting upset about some online sales, especially on a day like today, when the future of marriage is being debated.

[09:02] Waiting for this email is like the whole Trump-Hilary email scandal. I just want to see the email. GIVE ME THE EMAILS.

[09:08] Lots of disappointed customers out there this morning! But there are still great deals to be found during the Frenzy. The sales at certain websites are winding down though and some will end today, so if you’re on Click Frenzy’s website and find something you like, I’d nab it*

*You could also wait for Amazon Australia to launch though.

[09:13] Email Watch is moving into it’s 12th hour. Still no news. Just rage. Lots of rage.

[09:29] Are Just Jeans worth looking at? They have 40% off and free shipping (over $100) until the end of today and my wardrobe is limited in its Jeans department. Seems like a good deal.

[09:35] Drilling down on the sales – the ASICS Kayano, a very popular running shoe, is $91 off at the moment.

[09:42] Next deal emails still not through – maybe we will see them for the lunch time rush when everyone jumps on their phones and avoids thinking about work?

[09:45] I wonder what productivity in office buildings around Australia is like today? If you’re avoiding work, let us know!

[09:51] The results of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey will be announced in nine minutes. You can watch the ABC News Livestream if you’re interested. I’m kind of glad Click Frenzy has been silent during this very important moment.

[09:57] The Click Frenzy Go Wild email still hasn’t arrived so I will be taking a short break here to cover the marriage law survey. Will continue once the result has been announced, sometime just after 10am.

[10:06] Australia has voted YES to same-sex marriage, our coverage is here.

[10:07] Quite a big day in Australian politics and by no means want to take away from that with a live blog about deals, but will get back into it in a couple of minutes.

[10:12] Email three may have come through? It seems that this tweet suggests the next deal will be between 11am and 12pm. Will chase for confirmation.

[10:16] The transparency of Click Frenzy has been terrible. People are really mad at the terrible service and lack of emails! We’re yet to receive the third email here at Lifehacker.

[10:20] Holy moly! 14 piece knife block for 224.99 – the original RRP was $1000 – at That’s definitely A BARGAIN. They’ve really slashed the price. Cutting prices over at House. (I’m sorry)

[10:27] Here’s some more information about the Click Frenzy Go Wild deals – they’re limited to a SINGLE item per ‘household’. Again, they haven’t really been clear about what that means, but if you’ve already got one of the Go Wild deals, you’re not likely to get another one. Whether you can game the system and use a different IP address, VPN etc to buy is unconfirmed.

[10:34] Fair bit of love floating around for Rebel Sport’s 20% off deal. I am not as big on it, but there are definitely some good prices in there, especially in regards to fitness gear.

[10:36] I am asking the big questions of Click Frenzy, but I don’t expect them to reply. They haven’t responded to any prodding on Twitter during the sale so far.

[10:40] Email watch heading into hour 13 – no new news. In this case, no news is bad news.

[10:50] The Click Frenzy Facebook page is a real fight for information and Click Frenzy are giving nothing back. Basically, turn off ad-blockers and make sure pop ups are enabled. Next email still hasn’t arrived for many people.

[10:55] I have asked the question of Click Frenzy as to whether or not they have sent out the third email yet. I will update this when I get a response.

[10:56] I think everyone probably just needs to relax and breathe a little so here’s a picture of a puppy.

[11:08] Been a long time between posts. I was eating a banana. Sorry.

[11:09] Users getting antsy about this third email:

[11:12] Click Frenzy operates solely on hope. The massive amount of eyeballs on them for a few days a year should inspire them to get better each time, but again, the lack of transparency is poor. Blanket statement on social media to say when the emails are going out would not hurt their cause, at all.

[11:17] Unlike Taylor Swift who seems to no longer care about what people think of her, Click Frenzy should be worried about their reputation. Consistently pulling this trick on their customer base will land them in a hole they can’t get out of – a hole that Amazon Australia will be happy to dig. Still no email news.

[11:25] Still no reply from the Click Frenzy team via Twitter or Facebook, sadly. It appears no further deals have reached inboxes yet.

[11:27] Had a comment come through below about PayPal and when to put the discount code in if you checkout using PayPal. This is something that I am seeking clarification on because I found last night that I could not add the discount code in at all and was about to be slugged $100 on PayPal for the $1 Gift Card. Will chase.

[11:38] Rae, from Gizmodo, has just copped the blue screen of death on her PC and it has frightened me into thinking that my PC may die when I am right in the middle of a sale… so I might set up a second PC. Better to be safe than sorry.

[11:43] Alright, it’s go time: Third Email is being delivered according to Twitter.

[11:44] Courtesy of @ChrisMichael27, here’s the next two deals. Wonderful!

[11:45] For those wondering about the next two deals they are confirmed as the $2 Fitbit Charge Heart Rate and the $10 DJI Spark Mini Drone. The Fitbit will be available in the Beach Camping & Outdoors section between 1pm and 2pm AEDT. If you’re waiting for the Spark Mini Drone, you’ll have to wait a lot longer. That will be available between 5pm and 6pm tonight, in the Beer & Liquor section.

[11:56] On the way to the next GO WILD deal, just remember the tips we’ve been giving: turn ad-block off, enable popups on the site and refresh constantly. Usually the deal banner will be found toward the bottom of the page. Stick in that area and refresh.

[11:58] The Fitbit Charge 2 retails for around $199, so getting it for $2 is insanity. It’s a fully capable tracker, though there are better out there – they’ll just cost a lot more. Check Rebel Sport and their 20% off if you’re looking for something in particular.

[12:03] Seven hours left of this intense, crazy, nonsense but looks like we’ve got a big break ahead of us after the Fitbit goes live.

[12:06] Makes sense to have the two final deals: The Myer $200 Gift Card for $2 and the 55″ 4K LG TV for $10 in the last hour of the sale. I’d expect those to go live between 6pm and 7pm tonight. If that plan changes, I will let you legends know!

[12:16] What is the perfect song to listen to while shopping for a bargain? This is my jam:

[12:20] A little bit of fun news – because you guys are reading and commenting and generally enjoying the coverage, we’ve decided that we will also get a live blog going for the Black Friday sales! If you want to know what they are, suss below – but they look to contain some great deals too.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Everything You Need To Know About Black Friday In Australia” excerpt=”One of the busiest shopping days of the year is almost upon us. Black Friday is coming. More importantly, the bargains are coming. Here’s everything you need to know about Black Friday in Australia.”]

[12:32] People are gearing up for the $2 Fitbit. Get ready – make sure you’re in the Beach Camping & Outdoor section!

[12:33] Alright guys, good luck. I’ve got to take a short break because that’s the law of the workplace in Australia – will update on the other side, in the meantime, Chris might take over and keep you abreast of any developments!

[2:00] I’m back! I was at lunch and a soccer game. We lost the soccer game 3-1. It looks like many people lost the Fitbit game … we missed the $2 Fitbit sale but the same conditions were met. Banner at the bottom, only available for a minute or so before it was gone etc. It seems the sale went live around 1:38PM AEDT and was gone shortly after. Many Lifehacker commenters below missed out.

[2:04] This is dedication to the cause — but they still missed out:

[2:09] This is the kind of thing we’re dealing with – I received this email for the next round of deals at 1:22PM and the Fitbit deal was officially live between 1PM and 2PM. How can these emails only be reaching some subscribers halfway through the sale?

[2:12] I’ve asked the question of Click Frenzy as to why I keep getting these emails so late?

[2:14] Complaints aside – here’s how to score the DJI Spark Mini Drone for $10 this afternoon if you’re still waiting for your email. You will need to be in the Beer & Liquor section between 5 and 6PM AEDT.

[2:19] A lot of you staying on top of the deals this afternoon! Thanks for your input in the comments and on Twitter. Just those twitter accounts again? @dctrjack is where I am tweeting. @lifehackerau is for our site!

[2:21] If you are worried about missing any of the emails from Click Frenzy, it’s worth having a look at this page and keeping a tab open. Refresh it frequently. Once the next email goes out, it should be available to view here, online. Rather than waiting for it in your inbox, which seems to be taking forever.

[2:25] Not bitter at all.

[2:30] We are into the last four and a half hours of Click Frenzy 2017. It’s been a ride, that’s for sure. This $10 TV is going to be a “James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause” – it’s gonna break hearts.

[2:36] I think we are going to see a huge lull in deals and information over the next couple of hours, so we will update a little more sporadically. Any news will be here as soon as I’ve got it. In the meantime, check out the huge list of deals you can get in the Click Frenzy sale that don’t involve chance, patience or luck.

And keep your eyes peeled, especially on Twitter!

[3:27] Any one got the next email with the $10 TV? I am getting excited.

[3:38] If you are the lucky TV winner – I really want to talk to you! So let me know when it all happens (unless it’s me).

[3:51] The final email may have been delivered according to Twitter and the two massive deals are right here – including the $10 TV which will be available from 6:30pm to 7pm tonight, it seems. This is the big one:

[3:56] The TV will apparently be in the Wine category between 6:30pm and 7pm TONIGHT.

[4:13] The Myer Gift Card $200 feels like a consolation prize but will be available tonight in the Exercise & Fitness section between 6pm and 6:30pm. Are you going for that or for the TV? Click fingers ready?

[4:19] Chasing up these images now. Lifehacker has not yet received the final email.

[4:25] Okay, email is legit. Just received my own! Some people might not have received it yet, but our TV details above are R E A L. Get prepared.

[4:36] What do you guys want to know? More tips on these last few deals? Remember the drone goes live in 24 minutes! You will need to be in the Beer & Liquor section between 5 and 6PM AEDT.

[4:43] Alright, let’s talk Drones. This DJI Spark Mini is going to be on this page in the next 16-plus minutes, so get there now. Make sure you are already signed into Click Frenzy so it’s fast and easy. Ensure you’re looking at the bottom of the page (where all the other deals so far have popped up – don’t blame me if they change the positioning!) and be constantly refreshing come 5PM.

[4:47] When the banner appears? You need to remember the DISCOUNT CODE. Click the banner. Click checkout. Click drop down box. Add DISCOUNT CODE. Click checkout. Done. (Hopefully). Do not forget to add the DISCOUNT CODE.

[4:52] It appears some users are having their items refunded by Click Frenzy – whether this is because the stock levels are too low and they were not fast enough is yet to be determined. These are customers that have only got one Go Wild deal. I will see what I can find about this, but I suspect it’s a huge stock issue. Poor form though and real disappointing for those customers.

[5:00] Get to the Beer & Liquor page right now and start your refreshing! Drone is live soon!

[5:06] No drone yet. But typing this is wasting valuable time! Don’t read me!(I am kidding I love you all for being here)

[5:09] I actually hardly CLICK anything in this sale. I just press F5 over and over again. There’s very little clicking. This is F5 Frenzy or F5Frenzy or FFF.

[5:10] Oh wow, I am going crazy.

[5:17] I actually think this live blog will end me. Haven’t seen any drone news yet.

[5:21] Some reports of a drone sellout? Incorrect. Haven’t seen the banner ad at all yet.

[5:25] A lot of uni students seemingly putting their studies on hold for a shot at the drone:

[5:30] Half hour mark and drone is unsighted.

[5:35] As soon as the drone is done – we’re moving onto the $200 Myer Gift Card for $2! But we are still waiting for the drone to appear…

[5:36] If this is true, we’re making the Council very rich….

[5:38] Drone is UP, Drone is down. It’s already gone. I got to the very final stages and needed to log-in again for some reason. Poor form, me. So close!

[5:40] Inventory Issues! NO. NOOOOOOOOO. I was close to a $1089 saving. Sad party commence.

[5:42] Well, onto the next one – which happens to be the Myer $200 Gift Card. To get this one you will need to head to Exercise & Fitness to locate the banner ad (which will be down the bottom!). This one is only up between 6 and 6:30PM so get ready!

[5:46] While I absolutely recommend signing into your Click Frenzy account – if that’s the way you’re doing this – it seems that PayPal One Touch may be the preferred method for that quick deal!

[5:50] Are you ready for it? Here’s the details for the Myer Card coming in ten minutes.

[5:52] I don’t know whether to refresh madly at Myer or just wait out that single TV for $10… What do you think? What are you going to do?

[6:00] Here we go, people. The Myer Gift Card is a GO on the Exercise & Fitness page.

[6:03] The Myer Gift Card is one thing, but it’s all about the TV really. It’s the coup de grace. The finale. We are on the home stretch here people. I wish you all the best in your endeavours!

[6:08] I almost don’t even want to refresh any more. Why bother with the Myer Gift Card. It’s the ONE TV I want. I feel like Gollum.

[6:11] Just want to remind you all that the BIGGEST TICKET ITEM OF ALL – The $10 55″ 4K TV – will be available from the WINE page sometime between 6:30 until 7PM. Have your refresh buttons ready. If you win that TV, please hit me up on twitter: @dctrjack

[6:18] Guys, I feel like I deserve this one. I mean, I’ve put a solid 16 hours into writing about this. I think that leaves me out of the running for the TV.

[6:19] Here’s how to get the $10 TV:

[6:22] Kind of crazy process. Here’s how I got the Myer Gift Card and what you need to do for this TV. LISTEN:

  • Log into your Click Frenzy account and make sure you fill every field out
  • Ensure you have PayPal One Touch activated
  • When the banner ad appears, click it and immediately click CHECKOUT. Nothing else.
  • Then put the DISCOUNT CODE in.
  • Click to pay with PayPal and as soon as it asks you to confirm. Confirm
  • TV is yours (if only it was that easy)


[6:41] Focus all the positive energies of the world. Align your chakras. Feel the pulse of the Earth beneath you. Draw up goodboy energies. This TV is yours.

[6:49] The no doubt SINGLE TV is now gone. Thanks for playing.

[6:51] Guys, I have had an absolute blast. We got so close to the TV but there can only be ONE (I assume). This is your winning entrant!

[6:54] We were close, fam, but in the end we didn’t get there. What a crazy, ridiculous, really poorly communicated event Click Frenzy is. Glad you all came along for the ride.

[6:55] How about the misleading banner ad!? Only $1

[6:56] It certainly has been fun! If you want to follow me, a real DEAL LOVING MENACE, then click here to Twitter and say hello and follow!

[7:00] We are all wrapped up here and now we can relax. 5664 words later and I am exhausted. Hug your loved ones. Tell your friends you miss them. Come out of the Click Frenzy cave you were in. Was a pleasure!

Stay tuned to Lifehacker next week when we run a few more fun live blogs about all the deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you are using Click Frenzy’s website and are having problems then head to our huge list of deals by clicking the link below. They contain direct links to the stores that are participating in Click Frenzy and will circumvent the issue.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Click Frenzy November 2017: Here Are The Best Deals [Updated]” excerpt=”Click Frenzy – AKA Australia’s answer to Black Friday – officially begins at 7pm tonight. However, a bunch of retailers have jumped the gun early, just like they do every year. Here are the best deals so far, with links to buy.”]

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