A Handy Cheat Sheet On How To Best Use Your Microwave [Infographic]

A Handy Cheat Sheet On How To Best Use Your Microwave [Infographic]
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We might forget occasionally how powerful microwaves are. Not only can they heat food quickly, but they’re useful for a variety of other tasks. This graphic shows you several examples of both.

This graphic, courtesy of appliance site Part Select, starts off as a handy cheat sheet for food-related tasks you can do in a microwave like cooking scrambled eggs, or making onions, garlic and peaches easier to peel. It also includes tips for non-food-related tricks such as removing the stamp from an envelope.

It’s worth mentioning that microwaves don’t have standardized wattage settings, so with these or any microwave recipe, you should be careful and adjust to your model’s specific power levels. The graphic should be handy for getting some ideas you might not have thought of, though.

This Infographic is a Cheat Sheet For Clever Microwave Uses

Microwave Hacks for Daily Life [Part Select via MakeUseOf]


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