ANZ Brings Eftpos To Apple Pay

ANZ Brings Eftpos To Apple Pay
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ANZ’s almost 1.6 million customers will be the first in Australia to use Apple Pay to make in-store mobile purchases using their cheque or savings accounts.

Australia is moving towards a cashless economy, but ‘tap and go’ payment systems like Apple Pay have been restricted to credit or debit card users.

That’s a minor inconvenience where people aren’t using their own money or have to wait for transaction to go through an onerous payment system, but a larger inconvenience for people who don’t have access to a credit or debit card.

Eftpos has announced a collaboration with ANZ to allow ANZ eftpos Access cardholders to use Apple Pay. Now even more people can join in the fun of awkwardly trying to find where the sensor is on the eftpos machine and smiling awkwardly at the cashier as the payment is processed. It still beats fumbling around in your pocket for loose change.

In a statement today, Eftpos acting CEO, Paul Jennings, said “Today marks a significant milestone for eftpos as we move from our traditional card based payment method into mobile, enabling consumers with an iPhone or Apple Watch to choose the eftpos account they wish their mobile payment to be made from, being either their eftpos CHQ/SAV account.”

ANZ customers can setup Apple Pay by accessing the Apple Wallet app and following the prompts.

“Customers can set their account preference out of CHQ/SAV and then save themselves entering their account each time they pay. After providing trusted, secure card-based payments for 30 years, eftpos can now also be used to make mobile payments.”

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