TPG Is Literally Advertising The NBN As A Downgrade

TPG Is Literally Advertising The NBN As A Downgrade
Image: TPG

SHOTS FIRED? A cheeky advert for internet service provider TPG has been doing the rounds online. It certainly doesn’t paint the NBN in a positive light. In fact, it explicitly depicts the beleaguered network as a downgrade.

The image first appeared as a screenshot on the Australia subreddit earlier today, posted by user Simmo_ and advertises a finger hovering over a red ‘downgrade’ button instead of the green ‘upgrade’ button. Underneath the text ‘Connect to the NBN with TPG’ can be seen.

I laughed, a lot.

I don’t know if this is an intentional advertising campaign though, as one astute reddit user pointed out:

I think these ads dynamically choose images, so instead of a marketing guy choosing one picture, they pick the demographics and the algorithm chooses pictures from a library targeted to the audiences (or maybe even the individuals?)

We have no idea whether this was an intentional jab at the dismal state of the NBN or just some unfortunate programming. Either way, it’s still just a good laugh and continues the storied disaster of the NBN rollout.

How The Promise Of The NBN Fell Short For So Many Australians

Eight years into the Australian government’s National Broadband Network (NBN) project, the nation has an average internet speed – 50th in the global rankings – that lags well behind many advanced economy countries. Ongoing secrecy around the NBN, a project that’s likely to cost more than A$50 billion, makes it impossible for the public in most cases to know when and what quality service they will receive.

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  • I saw one of the commercials for NBN today and it showed holographic augmented reality displays and how it’s a network for the future.. seriously false advertising haha

    • Pretty much every NBNCo ad from the last 18 months or so has had at least one hyper-optimistic statement like that…. And some have unusual logical links like switching from paper based methods of business to software means the NBN was worth it…. Because no one could use a computer before NBN, right?

  • It is actually a downgrade for several million customers, including the great majority of Telstra HFC customers. No value for the mountains of government money.

  • Absolute duds flogging off that snakeoil superfast copper. Unleashing insecure hackable routers to the masses too.

    I can confirm it’s a downgrade and an absolute dud. HFC TPG 200k uploads. 200ms latency. 3x worse than the original ADSL.

    I dred being forced off the Telstra HFC. I get a constant 115mbps. It does go down for days thought because Telstra leave you offline with contempt. We have now worked out why its so stable is because Telstra have prevented too many lead ins. And they have figured out they have to do too much installation for HFC making it no different to FTTP. Preventing connections to people not already on HFC.

    For that priviledge I will be extorted into paying $20 more for much less.

  • We decided to downgrade our 50Mbps Skymesh NBN plan to 12Mbps to match the 6Mbps speeds we were getting most evenings rather than continue paying for fairytales.

  • I get 6Mb/s down and 0.4Mb/s up on my ADSL2+. I get the chance to upgrade to NBN HFC in a month. I’m thinking to go for it because I doubt it will be worse than our ADSL2+ but all these posts are getting me really scared…

    • was on ADSL2+ and had 5.1Mbps down at best and .8Mbps upload.. NBN was available in my area since April this year and i only just got connected few days ago. They had so many issues connecting me up, but once I did, BOOM! 96Mbps down and 36Mbps up.. .
      … yup, i’m one of the luckier ones..

      before you say, whats the speed during peak hr? from 4pm till midnight (checked every 30mins) nothing less than 50Mbps, mostly up in the 90Mbps’

      good luck!

      • Yeah that’s what I’m hopping for. I pre-ordered to be setup fairly fast on the 100Mb plan.
        Crossing fingers, it should come around in 3 weeks or so 😡

  • Has anyone approached the Ombudsman? Considering it, I’m in Melbourne, Victoria & frustratingly TPG’s NBN lies with its advertising & its worse than using mobile data on my mobile in the out of service areas!! Done, they are NOT delivering service they advertise!!

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