Planhacker: The Cheapest Unlimited ADSL2+ Plans

Planhacker: The Cheapest Unlimited ADSL2+ Plans
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We talk a lot about the NBN, but for millions of Australian homes ADSL2+ is still the technology that delivers us Netflix, porn and news about Donald Trump. Such is 2017.

For example, my house is still at least a year from an NBN connection, but I’m also out of contract on my home broadband, and I know that there are better deals available now to get on board with. So why wait?

If you’re in the same boat and need a new internet plan while in the NBN holding pattern, then here are the top ADSL2+ plans with unlimited data.

We’ve added a filter to the plans above to show ADSL2+ plans with unlimited data, line rental, contract periods up to 12 months, and including a modem. You can often save money if you BYO modem, but if you have one provided now you’ll almost always get an NBN-ready modem that you can use in the future.

You may also save a bit of money if you choose one of the short contract terms. For example, Belong offers a monthly discount and a free modem for a 12 month contract.

Many of the usual suspects appear in the table above. The perennially cheap Spintel sits on the top of the list, and is even better value with its free setup promotion; though you will pay a bit extra for the modem.

You might be surprised to see Optus so close to the top, but after its last pricing refresh Optus is pretty competitive. That is, if you can resist the lure of an Optus TV bundle.

And of course, when the NBN arrives you can be sure any of these providers will be eager and ready to switch you over to a new NBN plan.

Joe Hanlon is Publisher at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website. He’s been writing about phones and plans for far too long.

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