NBN Will Be Cheaper Than ADSL2+

According to whistleout.com.au, when pricing for NBN services is compared on a per GB basis to ADSL2+, it's going to be cheaper once line rental costs are taken into account.

Once you look into the whistleOut research, that does pre-suppose that you're comparing something like apples and apples. If you choose the fastest speeds or 100Mbps from the NBN, you'll pay more than many of the current ADSL2+ plans offered by companies that have announced NBN plans.

One of the interesting bits of data that's in the whistleOut report is that it would take about nine days to download 1TB of data using ADSL2+. That drops to just over seven hours with the fastest NBN speeds. Given that we live in the age of terabyte storage, there's a compelling case for the NBN there for our online backups.

There's loads of interesting information in their study. You can read all about it at WhistleOut.

NBN Pricing Analysis vs ADSL2+ [WhistleOut]


    Does this take into account the $2000 per head (~$8000 per household) on average it's going to cost us to set up?

      How will it cost "per head" to setup? Most people only need one modem and one connection. So that will be just the one "head"

        $2,000 per head at least: calculated as following:

        $40bn NBN cost / 20m taxpayers (very optimistic assumption) = $2,000 per taxpayer head.

          you seem to assume the wires only last one generation?

          I get what your saying, but then you also need to include the constructions costs of telstra's copper network plus any government subsidies etc

          Meh, I still pay taxes every year. It's nice that the money is being spent on some nice fiber..

      This is customer pricing, not network construction costs.

      In any case, if the tax payers support the NBNs construction (i.e. election results), does the cost per household really matter?

      Many people thought the Sydney Harbour Bridge was too expensive and massive overkill with its 8 or so lanes.........now it's a traffic bottleneck.

      Why is it so hard for people to see the future benefits of the NBNs initial outlay?

        Well if we didn't have a bridge then we wouldn't have a bottle neck now would we?

          Now that's just plain silly!

        No one complains when the government spends $40billion (and the rest!) on planes, destroyers, tanks and machine guns to send overseas. But watch out...we just spent $40billion on our own country's infrastructure. Its a ruddy outrage!!


      What? Where did that magical number come from?

    I saw that analysis come out yesterday on the News site. Funnily enough most people failed to thoroughly read through that article and just started ranting and raving about their own NBN opinions. I'll wait and see what happens here!

    Well I for one certainly don't pay $29.95 for line rental, I only pay $21/month. I get an average of 20Mbps connection and 500GB per month at $49.... So ok, I am paying $70/mth.. but i'm getting almost twice the speed they used for comparison and 10 times as much data...

    ...that's the problem with averages, it's not going to be the same for everyone and the people paying "too much" for "bad speeds/service" pulls the average down.

      you are certainly one of the very lucky few to be getting those speeds out of ADSL2+. I've set up connections for a lot of family, friends, colleagues, etc, and most come in at 7 - 12Mbps (even after tweaking coding gain settings etc!)

      I'm in the same boat- Telstra Homeline budget + unlimited ADSL2 offers me better value than any of the NBN plans listed.

    What a load of spin. Dishonest charts and worst of all we have so called journalists now repeating this all over the net.

    Telstra Phone Bill: $23/month
    TPG ADSL2+ 500GB: $49/month
    500GB/$72 = 14.4c/GB

    Also should be noted. NBN plans from what I have seen count uploads as a rule. How is this accounted for?

      p.s. what about something like the $59.99 naked unlimited ADSL2+ plan from TPG. Does dividing by infinity = 0c/GB? Obviously there are fair use policies in place, but comeon

        It's obviously comparing ADSL vs NBN from those companies which have released NBN pricing. TPG hasn't released NBN pricing.

        But hey, don't bother understanding it, you just say what you want to say.

          So what you are saying is that it's a completely pointless and bias article, because it only looks at a tiny little corner of the market?

          Yeah I agree.

            Ever heard of "apples and oranges"?

    prices to compare mean very little if the option is not available soon. The NBN next 12 month schedule doesn't list anything near me. Prices will jump around alot before most of us will get hooked up.
    But as a start they are not too bad.

    What a load of crap. It basically says that if you D/L the same amount of data, on a per gb basis NBN works out cheaper.
    If we weren't going to D/L heaps of data, then we wouldn't need the NBN.
    It will end up costing us more as we will use it more.

    None of this addresses the elephant in the room. When NBNco is privatised, as Conroy said it would be, what do people think will happen to prices. Private monopolies are pretty damn good at price gouging.

    Blah blah blah, everyone with opinions and I bet none of you are hooked up to it either.
    I am, and am very very very happy with the service. None of this average b.s. with NBN you get the speed ALL OF THE TIME. I've just upgraded to a 50/20 connection from a 25/4, and 25/4 I was getting exactly that. ALL OF THE TIME. Bandwidth isn't the only thing here, latency is the other, and from Tassie the best I've achieved so far is 15ms to Melbourne. Which is fscking nuts. Period. I average 25ms on mainland BFBC2 servers, which is damn near LAN speed.
    I can run 6 torrents bl**dy quick, transfer stuff across my network, have the missus watching HD Youtube channels, AND STILL HAVE PLENTY LEFT OVER FOR GAMING. Do that on ADSL.

      Oh, and use VOIP at the same time as well, so I have no landline affiliation with Telstra or any other copper carrier whatsoever.
      Once IP Multicast become available on NBN I'll test it again with FetchTV running too. If youcan do that on ADSL with your poopy ADSL router you deserve a medal.

    Im on adsl2 and im lucky if i get 600kbps download speed. though i pay the same as someone who gets 20mbps. this is unfair. cant wait for the nbn

    Cable trumps ADSL in reliability and speed from my experience over the past four years in Australia.

    NBN will destroy both cable and adsl in all aspects, even price given time.

    You gotta add the $2000 per Australian taxpayer that the NBN is costing.

      No you don't. Go back to kissing Tony's ass.

        Fscking Liberal scaremongering & luddism.

      No bloody way will you have to pay $2000.00 if that was the case no one would hook up! Even the wealthy would baulk at that.

    The government did intend to charge money for people using the NBN and did intend to sell the business in the future so the $2000 per head is really just hogwash.

    I am in construction and even in our industry we see the potential that NBN can bring and the new businesses that it can create, not just in building the initial network but the new businesses that having a faster broadband network can create.

    I can't believe that people who look at tech sites, find problems with technology progression. If you don't like the costs then don't use NBN. I go with Ollie, the fact that you can have everything running at great speeds is a winner for me, less time at the computer, more time doing other things.

    Ha, I should like to see the prices for the propose Sat connections, I can tell you know they will not be as cheap as adsl.. not all NBN is fiber remember

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