Apple iPhone 7 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 [Infographic]

Apple iPhone 7 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 [Infographic]

“Should I buy the Apple iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7?” This is a question that countless OS-agnostics ask themselves when shopping for a new phone. After all, they are widely considered to be the flagship devices for iOS and Android, respectively (with some competition via the Google Pixel and iPhone 7 Plus). This bias-free infographic breaks down how both handsets compare in a range of categories including display, storage, camera, audio quality and battery life.

The infographic below was compiled by lifestyle blog Beatbowler. It compares the Apple iPhone 7’s chief specifications to the Samsung Galaxy S7 without letting subjectivity get in the way. While not every comparison is meaningful — the iPhone 7’s halved RAM makes little difference to real-world usage — there are plenty of relevant differences for prospective buyers to take note of.

Obviously, there are other things to consider, such as aesthetics and ease-of-use, but when it comes to components and features, this is as comprehensive an assessment as any. For me, the Samsung Galaxy S7’s larger screen and longer battery life make it the winner but your opinion may differ. Tell us what you think in the comments!

[Via Beatbowler]

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  • Given the problems Samsung is having with the S7, you should do the comparison with the Google Pixel instead. It is now the Android flagship product.

    • Galaxy Note 7 has the issues, not the S7. But your comment does aptly illustrate the immense brand damage Samsung has suffered over the debacle.

      Anecdotal evidence from various Facebook groups (especially Buy, swap, sells) tell me most people are conflating the two devices. Assuming all Galaxy’s are faulty.

    • Or at least include their respective explosive yields, or maximum temperature when ignited.

    • there have been no issues with the S7 or S7 edge…you are mixing up the Note 7 which was the best phone by far until it was discontinued

    • This person knows tne difference. Just trolling. If you didnt know the difference you should not be commenting. Period. And the S7/S7 edge ( not the note 7) also come in rose gold and coral and getting the software tne note had. With the ability to use a huge sd card , better display better well almost everything, tbe S7 is a far superior phone to the iPhone bar none.

  • If you’re OS agnostic so not vested in either ecosystem I’d say your not one that readily uses smart phone features, so you wouldn’t be looking at buying either of these.

  • A 750p basic pentile lcd in late 2016 on a top tier Flagship, Seriously, is there any debate. Any other company that put such a budget screen on their Flagship would be horse wipped and floged and the company would be rubbished and customers would be told its over priced with a budget spec screen. But as this is an iphone and people in all walks of life have shares in this company it will only be classed budget once the iphone maker finally catches up with the screen leaders, and as for oled being a revoultion on the iphone 8, i have only ever bought oled screen phones since 2010 on a htc legend. So try not to get to sucked into the oled hype thats all the rage for up coming iphone 8 as its old hat news to people who know what there buying.

    • iPhones have had much lower resolution screens for generations now. You get all sorts of reasons/excuses (Apple’s proprietary tech means it’s not as bad blah blah). I’m running QHD on my S7 edge now and also my previous phone (Lumia 950 XL) and 1080p prior to that. I’d have to go back 4 phones to get something as low res as the “new” iPhone.

  • One vital piece of information is missing from that infographic for the S7: “microSD up to 256 GB”.

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