Hands On With The Energizer Vision LED Headlight

Hands On With The Energizer Vision LED Headlight
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Campers, trail runners and anyone else who likes to get out in the dark knows the hassle of carrying a torch to light the way. That’s why headlights are so popular. I’m a runner and like to occasionally hit the trails or go for a run around the streets when the sun isn’t shining. The Energizer Vision LED Headlight is a comfortable headlamp or headtorch that keeps the lights on when Mother Nature flicks the switch.

The Energizer Vision LED Headlight comes in four versions; 80, 150, 200 and 300 lumens. My partner andI tested the 150 lumen version with the word “lethal” used to describe how brightly it shone.

The Vision 200 has three different brightness settings. When I first turned it on, after inserting the three AAA batteries, I stupidly had it pointed towards my face and gave myself a temporary case of flash blindness.

One the road, during a pre-dawn run, the Vision 150 delivered a massive boost to local visibility. Running along an unlit beach trail, it was actually too bright on it’s maximum setting as it would have caused problems for oncoming runner. Tilting it forward to reduce the distance it illuminated and dropping it to its second or lowest brightness level was well and truly enough to see any oncoming hazards such low branches, tree roots, rocks or other obstacles. Energizer says the maximum beam distance is 40 metres with the 300 lumen version doubling that.

The head strap is adjustable and can be easily removed for washing – no one likes a smelly head strap.

Anyone who has purchased a head torch knows you can spend a small fortune. Visit your local camping store and you can find torches for anywhere between $15 and $200.

The Vision 80 retails for $19.95. The Vision 150 my partner and I tested will set you back just $24.95 which I think is a bargain for a bright, weatherproof and adjustable healdlight. The Vision 200 is $37.99 and the Vision 300 is $48.99.

Energizer Vision Headlights are available from hardware, grocery and outdoor retailers.


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