Qantas A380s Are Getting A Major Cabin Upgrade

Qantas A380s Are Getting A Major Cabin Upgrade

Qantas’ fleet of 12 Airbus A380s will be getting a major multi-million dollar cabin upgrade, with an emphasis on passenger comfort on long haul flights. Changes include redesigned seating configurations, new in-flight passenger lounges and larger entertainment screens.

However, the bulk of the improvements appear to be geared towards first, business and premium economy passengers. Here’s what you need to know.

During its full year financial result this morning, Qantas announced a major cabin upgrade for its fleet of 12 Airbus A380s.

The refurbishment program comes on the back of near-record profits of $1,401 million (before tax) for Qantas. This is a 17 per cent drop in overall profits compared to last year, but still represents the second highest performance in the airline’s 97-year history.

The cabin redesigns will incorporate structural changes to the upper deck that will allow six business class and 25 premium economy seats to be added to each airbus. This will increase the overall seat count by one with a 27 per cent seating boost to premium economy.

“This upgrade is a major investment in putting the next generation of seats on the aircraft as well as more creature comforts to maintain [A380’s] status as one of the best ways to fly,” Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said in a statement.

Other changes include the installation of Qantas’ business suites, direct aisle access for all business class seats, new 2-3-2 seat configurations for premium economy, a larger passenger lounge for first and business class customers and fully refurbished first class cabins with contoured cushioning and a larger, higher resolution entertainment screen.

As for cattle class, the improvements are limited to “new seat cushions” and “improved inflight entertainment”. (No details of the latter were given.)

Joyce said the focus on premium economy and business class was prompted by increased demand from customers on the long haul flights. Qantas expects the growing trend of people using their Qantas points to upgrade to premium economy will see demand for these seats continue to rise.

All 12 aircraft will be upgraded by the end of 2020. You an find out more about the new premium economy seats here.

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  • 27% more premium economy seats + 1 more seat overall = even more squished economy!

    Quantas are already shockingly bad in economy with their restricted legroom seats that hold the bulkhead for the entire row, yet cost the same as every other seat.

    • Not hard to increas premium economy by 27% when the old business seats were completely space inefficient.

      I find qantas economy to be one of the more comfortable seats to fly in.

  • They need to add economy arm rests that go up. 14 hour flight, had one of the middle two seats and the other was empty. YAY extra room! However I couldn’t put the arm rest up. It folder up a little bit, wouldn’t go flush into the seats or stay up. Literally the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

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