Qantas A380 Grounding Reflects “Teething Problems”

Qantas A380 Grounding Reflects “Teething Problems”

Qantas’ grounding of one A380 aircraft and Airbus’ subsequent plans to check all flying A380s might have made some flyers nervous, but one Australian expert says the move reflects “teething problems” and shouldn’t stress travellers.

Picture by Jimmy Harris

University of New South Wales senior lecturer Peter Marosszeky told the Australian Science Media Centre that panic over the cracks was illogical:

All new aircraft are likely to experience a few teething problems in their first few years of service. The checks of the fleet that have been ordered are a sensible step and will ensure that the airline operators have got the safest product flying that is possible.

The types of cracks they are reporting are not of great concern and it is unlikely they would progress to the level where they would become a danger. I would not be overly concerned as it is something that is happening at a controlled level and that aircraft engineers will have a handle on.

With three separate airlines running A380 services in Australia, everyone will be hoping that remains the case.


  • By the above comments it sounds as though a typo was present but has since been corrected.
    Could future corrections please be inserted with the original text still evident as a link, or the original text appear as strikethrough, or at least the author make a comment admitting the error (so that the coments make sense?!)
    Apologies if Ben and Richo are making things up, but I’m confident that they are not.

  • As someone flying an A380 next week (and actually been wanting to fly in an A380 since they were released but been on V Australia since they were cheaper), i have a little bit of concern about it, but am fairly confident that they know what they are doing.

  • “Teething Problems” 5 years after launch? This is not a new airplane anymore. It does not appear to be improving with age, just more problems occurring. Airbus planes are OK, but this is one I have no interest in flying, especially internationally since I hate lines.

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