Western Digital Debuts Portable SSD

Western Digital Debuts Portable SSD

WD has released their new My Passport SSD – the fastest portable drive the company has released. It ships with USB Type-C connectivity but adds an adapter to use with USB Type-A ports. The My Passport SSD boasts 256-bit AES hardware encryption, password protection, and is also 6.5-foot drop tested to withstand 1500G of force, to protect your data.

Despite the rise of cloud-based storage services, there’s still a place for devices like the My Passport SSD for backing up critical data and for acting as part of a good old sneaker-net. I could see a use for such a device for storing a few VMs or carrying a swag of movies to watch while I’m on a plane.

As many notebook computers now ship with less storage there’s a greater need for an external storage option. Using an SSD makes sense as it’s fast and faster connection options mean external storage is now longer as laggy as it once was.

I still carry a couple of USB sticks in my bag and a 500GB external drive just in case I need to move a big pile of data around. A device like the My Passport SSD would fit the bill nicely.

Pricing is $199 for 256GB, $329 for 512GB and $649 for 1TB.


  • Looks a bigger form factor than samsung’s. I have a couple of 1tb samsung’s and they are fantastic for size and being on the move.

    I will check them out if I have a need for another as WD has always done me well. Once you go travelling with a portable SSD, you can’t go back. Expensive buggers though, good thing they are a “business expense.”

  • About time someone has joined in this market.
    I had a Samsung 1TB (lost it during a move), and I was fantastic. The only down side is the cost. These appear to be cheaper than Samsung’s Offerings and may help drive the price down in this area.

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