Microsoft Is Killing Off Paint

Microsoft Is Killing Off Paint

The end of an era is looming. With the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update, that’s expected to go into broad release in a few weeks, Microsoft has listed a bunch of programs that are either being removed or deprecated. Paint will be deprecated, with development ceasing on a piece of software that’s been a part of Windows since 1985.

Paint is an application that fills a need when you need a tool to quickly do a simple editing or image creation task. I still use it today for cropping and resizing images even though Windows 10 has Paint 3D which can do the same things. But the familiarity of the Paint interface is comfortable and I’m used to it.

Microsoft has released a support document listing the removed and deprecated applications and services. While most are good changes (dropping the “nonsecure security feature” syskey.exe for example) the decisions to end development of Paint severs a link between the most recent Windows build and the very first one.


  • Didn’t realise that application was still there.

    Pretty much when I install Windows, if I need a paint program I install Paint.NET.

  • I know there’s a lot of alternatives and free ones that are better. However I don’t get the point of paint 3D. It doesn’t really do much and is too simplistic. It also isn’t a replacement for MS Paint.

    What I always found odd was there was basic things that MS never added to paint and so it’s been irrelevant unless someone wants a crappy looking image on purpose.

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