Everything You Need To Know From Microsoft's E3 Conference

Image: Kotaku

Well, we're one major conference down and it was... interesting.

Well, it's was fairly bog standard as E3 conferences go. Cars drove, zombies shuffled and guns shot at stuff. Still, we got our first proper glimpse at the Xbox One X and Anthem looks fantastic.

Also: Bruz The Chopper.

Here's everything you need to know.

Hardware Stuff

Image: Kotaku

Microsoft Announces Xbox One X

Here it is!

The Xbox One X Will Cost $649 In Australia

Big number, but to be expected.

Take A Look At The Xbox One X


Xbox One Will Get Compatibility With Original Xbox Games

People love these announcements. Sure, why not.

Game Stuff

Assassin's Creed: Origins Finally Announced For Real, Set In Egypt

He has a bird now.

BioWare Shows Off Six Minutes Of Stunning New Shooter, Anthem

This looks amazing.

Forza 7 Is Coming On The Xbox One X

Wouldn't be an E3 conf without a Forza announcement.

Tacoma Hits Xbox One And PC On August 2

That is actually quite soon, and I'm super keen.

Crackdown 3 Stars Terry Crews, Out November

Terry Crews shouts a lot.

BioWare Shows Off Six Minutes Of Stunning New Shooter, Anthem

Probably the highlight of the show so far.

Bruz The Chopper Is A Deadset Legend

lol jks, Bruz is.

Sea Of Thieves Looks Better Than It Ever Has

It looks super good.

Battlegrounds Coming To Xbox One This Year

Good news.

General Stuff

Image: Twitter (Xbox)

Microsoft's Xbox E3 2017: The Liveblog

Alex is very good at Liveblogs so I recommend this.

Rewatch Microsoft's Xbox E3 2017 Conference Here

Rewatch the whole thing here.

We'll update this post as time goes by!


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