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Every generation of consoles has its ‘default’.

Sometimes that default is difficult to define, other times it’s clear as day.

PlayStation 2: default. Obviously.

Super Nintendo? Probably default. A close run race. Plenty had Mega Drives. Blood in the playgrounds that one. A dark time for the empire.

PlayStation 1. Default.

Xbox 360. Default.


Microsoft's super console finally has a price and a release date - along with a new name. The newly christened, the "Xbox One X" (clunky title) will be out in November - and for once, Aussie gamers aren't getting slugged with an Australia Tax. Here are the pricing, specification, release date details and other frequently asked questions.


Well, we're one major conference down and it was... interesting.

Well, it's was fairly bog standard as E3 conferences go. Cars drove, zombies shuffled and guns shot at stuff. Still, we got our first proper glimpse at the Xbox One X and Anthem looks fantastic.

Also: Bruz The Chopper.

Here's everything you need to know.