PuTTY SSH And Telnet Client Gets An Update

PuTTY SSH And Telnet Client Gets An Update

While many of the jobs done by system admins are now automated or simplified through GUIs, wizards and other graphical tools, there are times when you still need to get down and dirty, entering information on a command line. If nothing else, it’s often faster to type a string of commands and options that shuffle through a bunch of screens, hitting a “next” button. PuTTY has been an essential tool of admins for years. And it’s just been upgraded to Version 0.69. At this rate, it could reach version 1.0 by the time I’m retired.

The new version, which was released over the weekend fixes problems with Windows DLL hijacking, and a small number of bugs including broken MIT Kerberos support and the lack of jump lists on the Start Menu.

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