Microsoft Reduces Azure Pricing

Microsoft Reduces Azure Pricing
Source: Microsoft

Microsoft has dropped the prices on Dv2 Promo Virtual Machines by between 4% and 7% depending on what region and operating system you choose. According to Brian Hillger, senor director for C + E Business Planning, the idea is to give customers the cost savings of their upcoming hyper-threaded Dv3 VMs prior to launch.

When the next generation Dv3 VMs are launched in the next few months, they will be available at these new prices.

You can get a full rundown of all the pricing at the Azure VM Pricing Page


  • This might of been a knee jerk reaction regarding AWS’ recent discounts – nevertheless it’s welcoming.

    • Amazon changes their prices several times a year on different parts of their product portfolio. I suspect playing catch-up would be too hard, even from Microsoft.

  • USD$95/Month for a 2 core instance with 100GB of disk and only for a limited time after which it returns to full price.

    No thanks.

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