Google On Pay Equity

Google On Pay Equity

It’s not been a happy time at Google. Following the algorithmic advertising debacle that reared its head a couple of weeks ago, where Google was inserting ads from well known companies into YouTube clips from terrorist organisations, they’ve been caught up in a salary equity brouhaha. But the company has hit back, claiming they don’t have an equity and equality problem.

It all started when the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs at the U.S. Department of Labor (OFCCP) accused Google of not compensating women fairly. Silicon Valley has not enjoyed a great reputation when it comes to equity, with allegations of misogyny and harassment. But Google says, in a recent blog post, that it conducts annual reviews to ensure their pay structures and other employment benefits are distributed fails.

Google says it will work with the OFCCP to clear the matter up.

But I’m curious. Do your employers have processes in place to regularly review work conditions to ensure there is gender equity and equal opportunity? If they do, what processes do they have?


  • You get payed the award plus whatever extra is negotiated in the EBA that covers ALL employees.

  • I’m so sick of the misinformation around this. If females are so much cheaper, why doesn’t an organisation solely recruit females? Bam, instant 20% profit to the bottom line!

    The pay gap is due to failures in personal negotiation. Females typically bend to corporate will easier (I’m not a bitch!). Males typically look after themselves (I’m strong!). You have a personal responsibility to your family herd – not the herd of the corporation.

    Understand how to negotiate.

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