Give Every Website A Dark Mode With Stylish

Give Every Website A Dark Mode With Stylish

If you’re like me and spend way more time in front of your monitor than you should (including during the wee hours, with the room lights off), you might lament the lack of a “dark mode” on many websites. Stylish lets you fix this for most popular sites in one fell swoop.

Stylish is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera that effectively reinterprets the style of popular pages to something you find more desirable. It’s up to other users to upload their styles, which you can then use — and thanks to all the coders in dark rooms out there, God bless them, just about every major site has a dark mode for you to install.

On any web page, you can click the Stylish icon and browse the styles other users have uploaded, and try them out. Implementing them is instant, as is deactivating or deleting them, so it takes very little time to run through a few and see which one you like best.

I’m currently running a dark mode on Google Docs (which I spend a lot of time in), Facebook (which I sadly spend a lot of time in), and Soundcloud. That’s a lot of time my screen would be white or blue, and now isn’t. A real blessing at 3am, or any time really — and it’s great for websites like Reddit, too.

Stylish is primarily about themes, and you won’t find much to alter the actual functionality of websites, and you can get into that with the help of extensions like Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey, which allow userscripts. But it’s the large variety of themes available that put Stylish into Lifehacker’s favourite extensions of 2016.



  • Might want to mention that Stylish has copped a fair bit of hate lately for tracking its users browsing habits.

  • I havent used stylish in years,

    Became a part time job finding and adding styles to websites, and swapping ones that have broken because the website had an update

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