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  • How to Switch to Vertical Tabs in Edge Chromium

    How to Switch to Vertical Tabs in Edge Chromium

    Edge’s experimental sidebar has been available in Edge Canary since August, but the highly-requested feature is now live in the browser’s developer build. This brings it another step closer to the stable version most of us use. Until then, you can get an early look at the feature in Edge Chromium’s Dev and Canary builds. (We…

  • Should You Trust Online Shopping Apps Like Honey?

    When PayPal announced last month that it would acquire Honey, the browser extension and app that helps you find coupon codes and deals when you shop online, my ears perked up. It wasn’t the news of the acquisition that piqued my interest: it was the fact that PayPal would pay $6 billion, mostly in cash,…

  • Give Every Website A Dark Mode With Stylish

    If you’re like me and spend way more time in front of your monitor than you should (including during the wee hours, with the room lights off), you might lament the lack of a “dark mode” on many websites. Stylish lets you fix this for most popular sites in one fell swoop.