Easily Reconfigure Windows' Multi-Display Behaviour With This Shortcut

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No matter how well you prepare, hooking up an extra display to your Windows machine can sometimes put you in a weird limbo where none of your screens are showing what you need, leaving you with no choice but to reboot (at worst). Next time this situation pops up, keep this simply shortcut in mind: Windows key + P.

As Reddit user "Glockalisk" succinctly explains, this combo will bring up a selector window where you can toggle between various options by pressing Windows key + P repeatedly.

Image: Supplied

It's a great shortcut to know when you're trying to, say, plug your laptop into a TV or projector and will almost certainly save you some hassle.

LPT: If you have two monitors and use Windows: Hit Windows Key + P to switch between Monitor 1, Monitor 2, Duplicate, and Extend. [Reddit]


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