How Snap Gets Even Better In Windows 10

How Snap Gets Even Better In Windows 10

One of Windows’ handiest features is the ability to automatically snap windows to the left or right half of the screen, either with a simple drag or via a handy keyboard shortcut (Windows+the left or right arrow key). In Windows 10, snapping adds a stack of new tricks.

A common use of snapping is to display two windows side by side. To make that easier, Windows 10 will now pop up a thumbnail list of recently-accessed windows as soon as you snap one window. Click on the thumbnail for any window and it will automatically snap to fill the other half of the screen. That feature, which Microsoft is calling Snap Assist, saves mousing around or Alt-Tabbing to find the window you want.

On larger displays, you can also now snap four windows at once by dragging them into any of the four corners. To do that with the keyboard, hold down the Windows key and then press each of the direction keys you want (so use left then down for the bottom left corner, for instance). Handy!

Arrange your Windows in a Snap [Blogging Windows]


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