Vantage Calendar Is A More Visual Way To View Your Calendar

Vantage Calendar Is A More Visual Way To View Your Calendar

iOS: Calendar apps are usually pretty boring, sticking to the time honoured grid or list view to display data. That’s probably the best for anyone with a lot to manage, but Vantage Calendar takes an altogether new approach that’s worth a look if your schedule isn’t always packed.

Vantage Calendar features a few different ways to visualise your calendar. The most striking is the Guitar Hero meets Star Wars-scroll of the vertical timeline view. With this view, you scroll through your calendar events as a gigantic timeline that disappears into the distance. Tap any date and you’ll get a stack of info for the day or week that looks a little closer to any other calendar app around. Of course, you can also add or edit events, and integrate to-dos and all the other stuff you’d expect from any calendar. Vantage is certainly not for everyone, but it’s different enough that it’s worth a look if you’ve been itching for something a bit more experimental in your calendar app.

Vantage Calendar ($5.99) [iTunes App Store via MacStories]

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