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Android/iOS: Podcasting should be stupid easy. The underlying technology isn't much more complicated than blogging. But so far, there's no Blogger or Tumblr of podcasting, to make podcast recording accessible to anyone with a phone. Until last week's release of Anchor 3.0 for iOS and Android.


iOS: I still think augmented-reality goggles are the future. Yes, Google Glass was creepy and off-putting, and yes, Snapchat Spectacles tanked, but as I crick my neck after a morning commute spent staring down at my phone, I feel nostalgic for the promise of a heads-up display that replaces my phone's most mundane functions. Especially navigation, the most ridiculous task to accomplish by burying my head in a device. And the iOS 11 app HotStepper reminds me just how fun AR navigation could be.


iOS: For the past few years, I've been using Grammarly. The service corrects your spelling and grammar on the fly, and the Chrome extension is great for helping me catch tiny typos and misplaced commas in emails, or even posts on Lifehacker I'm adding to our CMS. Now Grammarly has extended to one more place: Your iPhone.


Inspired by games from the 2016 Self-Care Jam (which Kotaku mined for favourites), MetaFilter users recently named their favourite calming video games. Some will be familiar, but others are deep cuts by independent developers. Most aren't for winning or losing, just exploring, interacting and existing. None of them force you to battle other players in a tense show-down. Try these out if you're too stressed out for Overwatch or Plague Inc.


iOS/Android: If you're worried about apps tracking your location, it's not enough to limit your location sharing. You need to limit camera-roll sharing too. If you've ever given an app access to your camera roll - to take photos, or store screenshots, or any given reason - you've also let it see where all those photos were taken. Felix Krause, an iOS developer and security writer, built an app to demonstrate this back door.


iTunes users all know the aggravating feeling every time you plug your phone into your car, or idly hit play: The first song in your library comes on, feeling less like music and more like an alarm clock, and you rush to turn it back off. And then you never again want to play Adele or Abbey Road or "Ain't No Sunshine". iTunes has poisoned your mind.


Android/iOS: Foursquare's Swarm 5.0, released earlier this week on iOS and Android, has a cleaner look and better venue categorisation. Most importantly, it downplays most of the social check-in app's social elements and strengthens its solo benefits. That's great news, because Swarm might be more useful if you use it alone.


iOS: Apple Clips, Apple's newest app, is an attempt at making a video editing app that works something like Snapchat or Instagram, without the social component. The end result is a bit baffling to use, though it does show some promise.