Make A Zip Line For Your Dog To Let Them Explore Safely

Make A Zip Line For Your Dog To Let Them Explore Safely

Taking your dog along when you go camping, hiking, or to the park is fun for both you and your pup, but they can wander off and get into trouble. Here’s a way you can give them freedom to explore without wandering too far while outdoors.

Image from GoPetFriendly.

While you could just tie your dog’s leash to a picnic table or tree, Go Pet Friendly explains the benefits of a doggy zip line:

First, you don’t spend all of your time untangling your dogs from each other, the picnic table, or whatever stick, tree, or anthill they manage to wrap themselves around. Second, you’ll never have that sickening feeling in your gut as you watch your dog hit the end of their unforgiving cable tie-out at a dead run, nearly decapitating himself.

Essentially you’re just hanging a rope between two trees and then attaching your dog’s leash so that they have freedom to roam back and forth. You’ll need a nylon rope, two spring clasps, and one carabiner per dog. If you have a strong dog, use heavier weight rope and clasps. Put the rope through the loops on the clasps, knot them in place, and burn the ends of the rope to keep it from fraying. Wrap the zip line around a couple sturdy trees or picnic tables and attach your dog’s leash to the line with the carabiner. You should use a harness rather than collar on your dog so they don’t injure themselves if they pull on their leash.

If you make a longer zip line (6-8 metres per dog), you can use it for multiple dogs, as shown in the photo above. While this is a great way to let your dog roam around your campsite or picnic area a bit, you shouldn’t leave them unattended on the zip line.

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