Alton Brown’s Advice For Better Homemade Smoothies

Alton Brown’s Advice For Better Homemade Smoothies

Smoothies aren’t too difficult to make, but these basic tips from celebrity chef Alton Brown will ensure your smoothie making always goes smoothly.

In the Good Eats episode “Live and Let Diet”, host Alton Brown explains how to make the perfect smoothie at home. Here are his top tips:

  • Use flash-frozen fruit instead of ice. You’ll get better flavour and texture, and you reduce the risk of watering your smoothie down.
  • Put your liquid in first, then add leafy greens, then frozen fruit and whatnot. It’s easier on the blender.
  • Start the blender on low speed and gradually increase the speed as it blends.

If you start blending at too high of a speed, you’ll get air pockets in your smoothie and your blender’s blades won’t be doing anything. Smoothies can be a super healthy snack or meal replacement if you make them right, so it’s time to get blendin’. You can watch the best clips from this Good Eats episode at the link below.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”Ask LH: Are Smoothies Healthy?” excerpt=”Dear Lifehacker, I love smoothies and figure they’re pretty healthy. After all, they’re mostly fruit, sometimes even with some leafy greens and protein. But I have friends who won’t touch the stuff, saying smoothies have so much sugar they’re basically confectionery. What’s the deal? Aren’t smoothies healthy?”]

“Live and Let Diet” [Good Eats on Food Network via Food52]

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